How to fix the “Google Keeps Stopping” error on your Android phone

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Here are some simple steps to fix the “Google Keeps Stopping” error on your Android phone – you should consider clearing the Google app’s cache, restarting your phone, force stop the app, Update your Android OS, and others.

The “Google Keeps Stopping” issue is a frequent error encountered on Android devices, and it can occur unexpectedly—whether you’re installing a new application, perusing a news article, or conducting a search using Google.

What adds complexity is that this error isn’t tied to any particular app. Instead, it arises due to a Google app encountering issues and ceasing to function on your Android device. Thankfully, there are various solutions accessible to address this concern.

Clear the Google app’s cache

To begin, the initial action involves clearing the data cache utilized by Google services on your Android device. This procedure is applicable to Samsung phones, Google Pixels, and other Android devices experiencing this issue. You can achieve this by navigating to your device’s settings manually and proceeding to clear the cache.

The steps are the same on Samsung phones, Pixels, and any other affected device, although the menu options may be slightly different.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > See all apps.
  2. Scroll to Google and tap it to open.
  3. Select Storage and Cache then tap Clear Cache and wait while it clears.
  4. You can also try Clear Storage, which will reset the app. In this screen, tap Clear All Data.
  5. To finish, click back, then restart your phone.

Force stop the app

If you happen to come across errors while using a Google app, try force-stopping the app. This action prompts your phone to relaunch the app, which ideally resolves any potential glitches leading to the “Google keeps stopping” problem.

Uninstall Recent App Updates to Fix the Google Keeps Stopping Error

Removing the Google app entirely from your phone isn’t an option, but you can uninstall any recent updates it has received, which might be triggering the error:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps > See all apps > Google.
  2. In the upper right corner, tap the three dots menu.
  3. Choose Uninstall updates.
  4. Confirm by clicking OK.

If you’re encountering problems with the Google app frequently stopping, there’s a good chance an update will be released to address the issue. When that occurs, simply head to the Google Play Store, search for the Google app, and select Update. This should effectively resolve the error.

Update Android OS to the latest

The issue of the “Google Keeps Stopping” error (as well as similar ones) is primarily linked to software upgrades. If you’ve recently noticed this error, it’s highly probable that a routine system update, an application update, or even a quick-fix update might be the root cause.

Although we’ve presented a viable remedy in the preceding section, you can anticipate that the problem will likely be resolved in the upcoming update. Presuming your phone is set to receive this update, you’ll have the option to install it. It’s important to bear in mind that keeping your phone updated whenever feasible is always recommended.

Uninstall Google app updates

Occasionally, system and application updates can inadvertently introduce glitches that result in problems. If you’ve recently applied an update to your Google applications and observe a higher frequency of encountering this error, consider removing those updates as a potential solution to address the problem.

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