How to Copy and Paste Objects in AR Using Your iPhone and Android in 2022

How to Copy and Paste Objects in AR Using Your iPhone and Android, latest tech guides on A3 Techworld. You can use your phone to copy and paste objects from real life with this augmented-reality tool. Copy and paste the real world with your phone using augmented reality. How To Open, Edit, & Convert SRT Files.

The simple innovation of ‘copy & paste’ changed the way we use our computers. The advancement in tech has now allowed us to take this simple copy-paste feature to new heights. Last year, Paris-based designer, Cyril Diagne, created a unique app that allows users to copy real-world objects and paste them onto a computer using Augmented Reality (AR). How To Open, Edit, & Convert SRT Files

Copy and Paste Real Objects in AR

Bringing real objects into the digital world is now possible with a new AR app developed by French artist and AI/UX programmer Cyril Diagne.

AR is one of the big upcoming techs of the future, and hopefully, it will become mainstream sooner than later. Companies like Apple are pushing to bring that future closer by including hardware specifically for AR in their products. Just this year, Apple included a LiDAR sensor in its new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max flagship smartphones. How To Download and Install Pluto TV On All Platforms

Before you start with the tutorial, make sure to install the apps on your iOS, Android phone, and laptop, below are the links:

How to Use ClipDrop to Copy and Paste in AR

So now that your smartphone and PC or Mac is all decked-up with ClipDrop, let’s get into the steps, shall we:

  1. Open ClipDrop on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Here, select the “Clip” option from the bottom mode-bar. Point your smartphone camera towards the object or subject that you want to copy in AR and tap the middle of the screen to capture it.
  3. Wait for the app to detect the object, separate it from the background, and convert it into an AR-model.
  4. Now, with the copied object on your screen, point your smartphone towards your PC or Mac with the ClipDrop app open on it.
  5. Tap the “Drop” button to paste the copied AR-model onto your computer.

Note: To paste the AR objects onto your PC or Mac, make sure your mobile device and your computer are connected to the same network connection.

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