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How to Connect PS5 DualSense Controller to your iPhone



Learn how to connect PS5 Dualsense controller to your iPhone, Tech Guide on A3 Techworld. The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is comfortable to hold and sports a good battery life.

If you’re looking to play your Apple iPhone games on a bigger level, using the PS5 DualSense controller is a great way to do it.

Take note that to use your DualSense controller with your PS5 again after pairing it with your iPhone, you’ll need to pair it again with the console using a USB C cable.

Want to connect your PS5 controller to your iPhone or iPad? Below I will show you how you can connect your PS5 DualSense controller to your iPhone or iPad.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to your Settings.
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth.
  3. Hold down the center PS button as well as the top-left share button until the controller flashes.
  4. Wait for the “Dualsense Wireless Controller” to appear under Other Devices.
  5. Tap the DualSense Controller to pair with your device.

Once you have connected the controller with your iOS device, you can jump into any game you want to play on your iPhone and use the controller to play the game.

You can use your PlayStation Controller with most Apple Arcade games, as well as many other popular standalone titles. You can also pair your PlayStation Controller to your Apple TV and Mac, so long as it’s running tvOS 14.5 and macOS Big Sur 11.3 respectively.

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