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How to check MTN data balance and bonus balance

How to check MTN data balance and bonus balance using USSD codes on your iPhone or Android phone, Telecom on A3 Techworld. Are you are looking for USSD codes used to check your remaining internet data bundle balance on MTN? Here are the ways to check your MB balance on MTN Nigeria. Learn about how to check your bonuses and airtime balance on the MTN network by reading this article.

MTN is one of the largest and leading network providers in Nigeria and Africa at large. They often run many promo plans and services with bonuses

Given that MTN has a variety of data bundle offers, checking your data balance might seem like a bit of a task. Here is an easy way to check your data or data bonus balance on your MTN line based on the tariff plan you fall under.

How do I check my MTN 2022 data balance? You can also check your MTN data balance via USSD, this requires you to dial *559#. After completing the task, a message will pop up showing your data balance.

To check your MTN data balance all you need to do is dial *131*4# on your MTN line and your MTN data balance will be displayed. Or you can SMS ‘2’ to 131 with your MTN SIM and you will receive a text containing your data balance.

How to check your MTN Airtime account balance

This section shows you how you can get your remaining MTN airtime account balance on your phone. On your MTN SIM, dial the airtime balance USSD Code – *556# and you’ll receive a pop-up SMS showing how much airtime you have left on your SIM.

How to check your MTN AWUF4U bonus balance

Want to check how much you have left in your MTN Awuf4U account? You can check your Awuf4U account balance by dialing the MTN USSD code *559*14# on your phone. Awuf4U is an offer that will reward customers with a 400% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 & above.

How to check your MTN Beta Talk bonus balance

Checking your MTN Beta Talk Bonus is one of the easiest things to do, all it requires is for you to dial a special USSD Code, after which you will be notified of your MTN Beta Talk bonus balance. To check the MTN Beta Talk bonus, simply dial *556#.

USSD codes to check bonus balance on MTN

MTN airtime balance code*556#
MTN beta talk bonus balance code*556#
MTN mobile data bundle balance code*131*4#
Code to check XtraValue Bundle *559*61#
SME Data Share balance code*461#
code to check GoodyBag Social Bundle balance*559*25#.
Code to check MTN Yafunyafun bonus*559*43#
Roaming International Offer USSD code*559*82#
Code to check MTN welcome back offers*559*65#

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