How To Check Glo Berekete Data and Call Bonus Balance

How To Check Glo Berekete Data and Call Bonus Balance

How To Check Glo Berekete Data and Call Bonus Balance (2023): You can check your Glo Berekete data bonus by simply dialling *127*0#, and your data balance will be displayed on your phone’s screen. To check your Glo Berekete airtime bonus, simply dial *230*1#, and a pop-up will display on your screen stating the Glo Berekete airtime bonus you have left.

If you don’t know what Glo Berekete means, it is simply a Globacom tariff plan that rewards Globacom subscribers with amazing voice and data benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines with a minimum of N100. The more you recharge your Glo berekete line the more you receive this whopping 700% bonus. The bonus received is dependent on the amount recharged.

What is the USSD code for Glo Berekete? It explained that existing prepaid customers will dial *777# to subscribe to the plan, after which they will instantly be able to enjoy the 700 per cent bonus on all recharges except the one-off bonus, while new subscribers on the Glo network will get on Berekete Plus Plus platform by default.

How do I migrate to Glo Berekete? Simply dial the code of the plan you are migrating to. The first migration within a month is free; subsequent migrations within the same month attract a charge of N100 per migration. Note that you will lose any unused bonus upon migration, so we would enjoin you to fully utilize your bonuses before any migration.

If you want to migrate and activate the Glo Berekete plan, simply dial *230# to migrate to Glo Berekete on your Glo line.

How To Check Glo Berekete Data Bonus Balance

In this section, we explain how to check the amount of data bonus balance you have left on your Glo Berekete SIM. To check your Glo Berekete bonus, simply dial *127*0#. This will display the voice and data balance you have left on your Berekete balance.

How To Check Glo Berekete Airtime Bonus Balance

This section covers the step to check your Glo Berekete airtime bonus balance, to check the airtime bonus balance left on your Glo Berekete SIM simply dial *230*1# on your Glo line.

What are the benefits of Glo Berekete?

Berekete comes fully loaded with a lot of benefits for voice and data:

  •  600 Naira well bonus airtime for all new customers upon successfully activating their lines and recharging their account with a minimum of 100 Naira
  • 700% bonus on every recharge to call ALL NETWORKS and to browse the Internet
  • Additional 150% data bonus on 1st recharge of the month (Up to 5GB FREE), every month for 4 months
  • New customers also enjoy up to a 100% bonus on every data plan they buy, every month for 4 months

If you subscribe to a Glo data plan while still enjoying the Glo BEREKETE data bonus, the data plan you bought will be paused so you can continue to enjoy the BEREKETE data bonus.

Once your BEREKETE data bonus expires, the paused data plan will become active automatically and your bundle validity counter will start.

The table below gives an idea of the Berekete bonus depending on the amount of recharge.

Recharge AmountMain AccountTotal Bonus Value (700%)All-Net Voice Bonus  ValueData Bonus ValueData Bonus (MB)Special Data Bonus on 1st Recharge of The Month (MB)

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