How to change Alexa’s voice to a celebrity

How to change Alexa’s voice to a celebrity. You can talk to some of your favorite celebs with Alexa and an Echo speaker – Melissa McCarthy, Shaquille O’Neal, and more.

Learn how to change Alexa’s voice to Micheal b Jordan, Beyonce, Homer Simpsons, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney, Sam Elliott, etc. (pending updates). Jazz up your Alexa experience with these fun celebrity commands and responses.

You might remember Amazon launching celebrity voices for Alexa with actor Samuel L. Jackson, but now users have a few more familiar names to welcome home. Audible cameos from famous people are among the best Alexa skills, and now users have a larger lineup of stars to choose from.

Want to learn how to make Alexa sound like Melissa McCarthy or Shaq? The hilarious actress and former NBA all-star are the two latest additions to Alexa’s lineup of celebrity voice cameos.

The two voices can provide weather reports, jokes, and personal stories when asked using the wake words “Hey Melissa” or “Hey Shaq.” Both voices cost $4.99 individually and are rolling out in the US now.

How do you get a celebrity voice on Alexa? To enable either celebrity voice, you can ask Alexa for an introduction. The commands “Alexa, introduce me to Shaq,” or “Alexa, introduce me to Melissa” should do the trick. Alternatively, you can manually enable each skill via Amazon’s website.

How to get celebrity voices for Alexa

There are two methods for enabling celebrity voices for Alexa. The first is to say, “Alexa, enable [celebrity name],” or “Alexa, introduce me to [celebrity name],” to one of your Echo speakers, second-generation or newer (we tested it on the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock). Alexa will provide a brief teaser using the celebrity’s voice, then give you the option to initiate a one-time payment of $4.99.

You can also purchase celebrity voices through Amazon’s website, here’s how.

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. Click here for Melissa McCarthyhere for Shaquille O’Neal, and here for Samuel L. Jackson.
  3. Make sure you own eligible Echo speakers for celebrity voices. If you see “Works with one or more of your Alexa Devices,” next to a green checkmark, you have a compatible Echo speaker.
  4. Click “Buy now with 1-Click.”
  5. Confirm your purchase, if prompted.
  6. Decide whether you want to enable or disable explicit content when prompted. You can also toggle between the two in the Alexa app.
  7. Ask Alexa to “introduce you to [celebrity name]” to get the skill to kick in. 

Best Shaquille O’Neal Alexa commands

  • “Hey Shaq, drop a beat.”
  • “Hey Shaq, what’s the weather like today?”
  • “Hey Shaq, tell me a joke.”
  • “Hey Shaq, how are you?”
  • “Hey Shaq, let’s warm up.”
  • “Hey Shaq, let’s play rock, paper, scissors.”
  • “Hey Shaq, give me some advice.”
  • “Hey Shaq, tell me a story.”

Best Melissa McCarthy Alexa commands

  • “Hey Melissa, give me advice.”
  • “Hey Melissa, set an alarm for 10 am.”
  • “Hey Melissa, what’s the weather today?”
  • “Hey Melissa, tell me about Bridesmaids.”
  • “Hey Melissa, good morning!”
  • “Hey Melissa, set a 5-minute timer.”
  • “Hey Melissa, how are you?”

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