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How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

Learn how to Borrow Airtime from Airtel, Telecoms on A3 Techworld. Need extra airtime? Airtel has got you covered with Airtel extra credit. Do you want to know how to borrow money from Airtel? Read on to get the simple code you need to get extra airtime credit on Airtel, eligibility requirements, and more.

Airtel Extra Credit allows you to loan airtime when you run out. This is a perfect solution to reload your phone with Airtime for calls during an emergency.

Airtel extra credit also allows you to acquire airtime that can be used for all chargeable Airtel services. You pay back on your next recharge with a 15% service charge except for the N25 loan which has a service charge of 20%.  (Similar post: How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect Plan)

To borrow airtime from Airtel with Airtel extra credit code, you will be required to dial *500*amount of airtime you need#, this code will allow you to borrow airtime from Airtel.

  1. Dial the Airtel borrow code – *500* The amount of airtime you wish to borrow, then, ‘#’ For example, if you wish to borrow N100 worth of Airtel credit, you will need to dial *500*100#. Alternatively, you can dial *500# and follow the prompt.
  2. Immediately after this, you should get a message telling you that your request is being processed. This is if you meet up with the requirements. But if you don’t, they will send a message telling you to recharge more to qualify.
  3. After the processing message, you will be credited with N85. This is because the 15% service charge has been removed.
Airtime LoanAmount You Will Be Credited Amount You Pay Back

What is Airtel Extra Credit?

At one time or the other, we have all run out of airtime with no way to recharge. Maybe the network is bad and you can’t recharge from your bank. On the other hand,  it could be that you are stranded somewhere with no place to get airtime. Whatever the reason might be, one thing you will desperately at this moment is how to top up your mobile number. (Similar post: How To Use YouTube Night Bonus Plan On Airtel)

You need not worry, Airtel Nigeria has offered a solution to this problem. As a user, you can now borrow airtime on Airtel. They name this service Extra credit. You can borrow airtime or data using the airtel extra credit code and repay upon your next recharge. This is with a 15% service charge, except for the N25 loan. In addition to this, you can also borrow data to surf the internet. Isn’t this good? But it is important to note that you must meet the requirements to access this loan offer.

How to borrow airtime on Airtel

For those who wonder how to borrow airtime on Airtel, it is not a complicated process at all. Here are the steps that are needed to be taken.

  • You will need to dial *500*credit amount# on your phone. For instance, if you want to borrow 100 nairas, dial *500*100#.
  • After this, you will receive a message, which will confirm that your request is being processed. In case your recharge amount does not meet the requirements, you will get a message saying that you will need to recharge more.
  • In several minutes, you will get the desired airtime.

How do I repay Borrowed Airtel Credit or Data?

The repayment process is straightforward. All you have to do is recharge your line with the amount of credit or data you borrowed. Once you have done this, Airtel will automatically make deductions of the amount you borrowed.

If you need Airtime or Data and you are out of cash, you can easily leverage Airtel’s Extra credit Services. You do not need an internet connection to access this loan. All you have to dial is the special USSD code, and in no time they will credit your line.

How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel FAQ

Who is qualified to use Airtel Extra Credit?

Airtel Prepaid Customers with registered SIM
Customers who have paid up any previous loan and associated charges.

Who is eligible for the Airtel extra credit service?

You need to have been an AIRTEL subscriber for at least 2 months. In addition, you have to be a loyal and consistent subscriber using an average of N200 monthly.

How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel?

The code to borrow money on Airtel is *500*credit amount#. For instance, if you want to borrow 500 Naira, dial *500*500#.

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