How to activate GTBank transfer code

How to activate the GTBank transfer code. Learn how to register and activate your GTBank transfer code, even without using an ATM card. GTbank Nigeria has made banking more flexible by bringing your bank account transaction to your fingertips.

If you found yourself reading this, it is because you are looking for how to access the GTBank transfer code for Nigeria, or you want to know how to use the service. Be assured that you are at the right place and, therefore, take your time and read as we take you through the whole process of registering, activating, and actually using the GT Bank USSD code for making transactions on your phone.

Activating the GTbank transfer code is essential as it offers you a lot of options in transferring funds to family and friends in the shortest time all on your mobile phone.

GTBank customers can now create a 4 – digit PIN and use this PIN to authenticate their transactions. customers now can transfer money, pay bills or buy recharge cards from the comfort of their zone.

Your 737 PIN is just as important as your ATM PIN or internet banking details, so don’t disclose it to anyone to avoid fraud or hacking. (How To Block your GTB ATM Card)

Follow these steps to activate the GTbank transfer code on your phone:

  1. Dial *737# on your phone linked to GTB.
  2. Input “7” to select the “Create/Change your PIN” option.
  3. Input “1” if you have an active debit card.
  4. Enter “ last 6 digits of your GTB Naira Master Card”.
  5. Enter your preferred PIN.
  6. OR you can enter “2” if you do not have an active debit card.
  7. Enter your “Account Number”
  8. Enter your “Date of Birth”
  9. Insert your preferred PIN

How to register and activate your GTBank transfer code

This section covers how you can register and activate your GTBank transfer code to perform money transfers from GTBank to GTBank. To initiate a transfer to a GTBank account, all you need to do is dial the USSD short code *737# followed by the amount to be transferred and then the NUBAN account number of the beneficiary.

Then you need to use the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate each transaction.

How to withdraw cash from the ATM without your GTB Debit Card

Thanks to GTB 737 banking, cardless withdrawals are possible, follow the instruction below to withdraw money from an ATM without using a card:

Without the GTBank debit card, simply dial *737*3*Amount# and follow the prompt to generate your withdrawal code and authenticate your request with your 737 created pin. Enter the withdrawal code generated into any GTBank ATM to retrieve cash.

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