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Google Pixel Buds Pro price and features

This article covers the price of the latest Google Pixel buds pro and all the features you need to know. After a couple of wireless earbuds that hit more inexpensive prices, the Pixel Buds Pro sees Google step up and offers good competition to Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony. Google unveiled the Pixel Buds Pro, alongside Google the Pixel 6a, at the Google I/O 2022 event.

The Pixel Buds Pro comes as a premium edition of in-ear genuinely wireless earbuds. The earbuds feature active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, multiple access Bluetooth connectivity, and IPX4 water-resistant rating, among other specs. The Pixel Buds Pro’s ANC runs on a custom 6-core audio chip that’s driving proprietary algorithms and blasting tunes on custom drivers. 

How much does the Google Pixel Buds Pro cost in the US and Australia? Pixel Buds Pro will cost $199/AU$299, and they’ll be sold in four colorways: Coral, Lemongrass, Fog, and Charcoal. That’s $50 less than the Apple AirPods Pro, which has a similar set of features. The Coral hue is fairly bold, so go for one of the other tones if you want something more neutral. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro Price in the US, UK, and Australia

The Google Pixel Buds Pro price is $199 | £179 | AU$299. It is considered the most premium wireless earbuds made by Google yet. The Pixel Buds Pro will be available for sale online on July 21, 2022. There are four colors Coral, Lemongrass, Fog, and Charcoal.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Price
UK £179

Google Pixel Buds Pro features

The wireless earbuds from Google support active noise cancellation. The ANC is made possible by a custom 6-core audio processor that uses custom algorithms to cancel out the noise. According to Google, the Pixel Buds Pro uses Silent Seal to adapt to your ear, to help maximize the amount of noise that’s canceled. Coming to dimensions, each earbud measures 22.33 × 22.03 × 23.72 mm and weighs around 0.22 grams.

Additionally, you can now listen to long music and podcasts with built-in sensors that will measure the pressure in your ear canal to make sure you feel comfy even during long listening sessions. Once you’re listening to your music or podcast, Volume EQ will adjust the tuning as you turn the volume up or down — so highs, mids, and lows consistently sound balanced.

Call quality is also on the agenda, the earbuds’ beamforming mics, voice accelerometer, and wind-blocking mesh cover aim to ensure crystal clear call performance in loud and blustery places. Bone conduction tech also analyses vibrations near a person’s jaw area to pick up voices so the wearer can be heard loud and clear.

Google rates the Pixel Buds Pro for up to 11 hours of listening time, though that number drops to 7 hours if ANC is enabled. That’s roughly half an hour less than the Jabra Elite Active 75t, our top pick for the best noise-canceling earbuds, but much better than the Apple AirPods Pro, which is rated for just 4.5 hours when using ANC.

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