Latest Glo Data Plans, Prices & USSD Codes in Nigeria (2023)

Glo Data Plans

Glo stands as Nigeria’s pioneering homegrown mobile network provider. The company takes pride in its commitment to offering highly competitive rates for calls and data, setting itself apart in the industry. That’s precisely why a large number of users opt for Glo’s data plans.

Being one of Nigeria’s top-tier networks, Glo enjoys an edge due to its incredibly budget-friendly airtime call rates and data packages, surpassing those of other providers. To cater to its valued customers, Glo Nigeria presents a wide array of data subscription plans. If you’re eager to discover the Latest Glo Data Plans, Prices & Codes in Nigeria (2023), A3Techworld has you covered.

Compatibility is a breeze with Glo data plans, as they effortlessly support various devices, including Android, iOS, tablets, and even Windows devices. To make it easier for you, we’ve categorized the Glo data plans and compiled a comprehensive list for your convenience. Feel free to explore them in the table below:

50MB₦501 Day*777#
150MB₦1001 Day*777#
350MB₦2002 Days*777#
1GB (Special 300)₦3001 Day*777#
2GB (Special 500)₦5002 Days*777#
1.35GB₦5002 Weeks*777#
7GB (Special 1500)₦1,5001 Week*777#
2.9GB₦1,0001 Month*777#
4.1GB₦1,5001 Month*777#
5.8GB₦2,0001 Month*777#
7.7GB₦2,5001 Month*777#
11GB₦3,0001 Month*777#
15GB₦4,0001 Month*777#
22GB₦5,0001 Month*777#
29.5GB₦8,0001 Month*777#
50GB₦10,0001 Month*777#
93GB₦15,0001 Month*777#
119GB₦18,0001 Month*777#
138GB₦20,0001 Month*777#
225GB₦30,0001 Month*777#
300GB₦36,0001 Month*777#
425GB₦50,0001 Month*777#
525GB₦60,0004 Months*777#
675GB₦75,0004 Months*777#
1TB₦100,0001 Year*777#
250MB₦251 Night*777#
500MB₦501 Night*777#
1GB₦1005 Nights*777#
1.25GB₦2001 Day (Sundays only).*777#
GLO WTF (WhatsApp, Twitter, & Facebook) DATA PLANS
100MB₦251 Day*777#
200MB₦501 Week*777#
500MB₦1001 Month*777#
100MB₦501 Day*777#
200MB₦1001 Week*777#
500MB₦2501 Month*777#
20MB₦251 Day*777#
50MB₦501 Week*777#
125MB₦1001 Month*777#
100MB (225MB on campus)₦1002 Days*777#
200MB (450 on campus)₦2004 Days*777#
500MB (1.12GB on campus)₦5001 Week*777#
1GB (2.25GB on campus)₦1,0002 Weeks*777#
2GB (4.5GB on campus)₦2,0001 Month*777#
5GB (11.2GB on campus)₦5,0001 Month*777#

How to buy data on Glo

If you’re facing challenges buying data on Glo, fret not! This section is designed to assist you. Glo offers a wide array of internet plans and bundles, presenting you with numerous options to select from.

Using the USSD code

To purchase your bundles, simply make use of the Glo code. Just dial *777# and follow the given instructions. With a variety of packages available, be sure to opt for one that aligns with both your budget and requirements.

Using the Glo Café app

The Glo Café app serves as a convenient hub, encompassing all our exceptional products and services in one place. Through this app, you can effortlessly keep track of your internet and airtime consumption, purchase, borrow, share, and gift bundles and airtime, as well as modify your tariff plan.

To access the app, head to the Play Store, install it on your device and register using your SIM number. Once registered, you’ll have seamless access to a wide array of options at your fingertips.

Using web

Additionally, if you prefer an alternative method, you have the option to purchase Glo Internet directly from their official website. By selecting “Buy Data” among the available choices, you can easily browse through their diverse and budget-friendly bundles, enabling you to activate the internet plan that best suits your needs. The process is straightforward and allows for flexibility in selecting the ideal package for your internet requirements.

How to check your Glo data balance

Glo data balance via SMS

You can check the balance of the internet subscription via SMS. The process is as simple as following this step: Send an SMS with the word INFO 127.

You will receive a response message in which all necessary information, like the existing Glo Data subscription, the expiry date and the remaining volume of data, will be specified.

Glo data balance via code

checking your Go data balance via code has to be the simplest of all the methods. It is as easy as following these steps:

  • Dial *777#
  • Select the “current plan of a subscription” option.
  • Select “Manage data” and select “Data balance”.

Selecting the “Data balance” option will retrieve a message from the Globalcom network, with details of your current internet data balance, Glo bonus data, expiry date and lucrative offers, if any are available. Therefore, the Glo data balance code is *777#.

Check Glo Data balance via USSD code

Did you know you could check your data balance using a USSD code? This is a one-step method. So what is the code to check Glo data balance? The USSD code to check the Glo data balance is *127*0#.

Apart from providing several ways of checking your data bundle balance Glo Data has attracted users through its affordable packages. It has tailor-made its service to match its user’s needs. It also provides bonus bundles.

Glo Data Plans And Bundles (2023)

Glo has made significant efforts to ensure that its customers can easily obtain budget-friendly data plans, ensuring a smooth internet browsing experience. With Glo, you have the freedom to select a package that perfectly suits your daily requirements without straining your finances. Explore their appealing array of options. Here are the available plans:

  • Daily plans
  • Weekly data plan
  • Monthly data plan
  • Mega data plan
  • WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook bundles
  • YouTube bundles
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Telegram
  • Campus booster plans

Daily plans

The packages offered by Glo are the most budget-friendly ones. To begin, you can simply dial *777#, the code designated for purchasing data on Glo. For daily plans, you have the following options to choose from:

50 MB₦50/1 day*777#
150 MB₦100/1 day*777#

Weekly data plan

For users interested in purchasing data on Glo, the weekly option is presented as follows:

350 MB₦200/2 days*777#
1.8 GB₦500/14 days*777#

Monthly data plan

These packages are ideal for people who spend a lot of time browsing the web on their mobile devices. It is available for a period of 30 days.

3.9 GB₦1000*777#
7.5 GB₦1,500*777#
9.2 GB₦2,000*777#
10.8 GB₦2,500*777#
14 GB₦3,000*777#
18 GB₦4,000*777#
24 GB₦5,000*777#
29.5 GB₦8,000*777#
50 GB₦10,000*777#
93 GB₦15,000*777#
119 GB₦18,000*777#
138 GB₦20,000*777#

Mega data plan

If you are someone who consumes a substantial amount of data bundles, you might require more than what regular packs can offer. In such cases, the company provides special mega packs tailored for the most active internet users.

225 GBN30,000/30 days*777#
300 GBN36,000/30 days*777#
425 GBN50,000/30 days*777#
525 GBN60,000/120 days*777#
675 GBN75,000/120 days*777#
1 TBN100,000/1 year*777#

Glo Social media data bundle – WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook bundles

If your primary internet usage revolves around social networks, then the so-called WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook bundles are tailored to suit your needs. These bundles enable you to access WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter without any limitations or restrictions.

100 MBN25/1 day*777#
200 MBN50/7 days*777#
500 MBN100/30 days*777#

YouTube bundles

This particular option provides access exclusively to YouTube. You have the choice to purchase bundles for a day, a week, or a month, depending on your usage requirements.

100 MBN50/1 day*777#
200 MBN100/7 days*777#
500 MBN250/30 days*777#

Campus booster plans

Great news for students! Now, double bundles are accessible to students attending over 300 educational institutions. To take advantage of this offer, all they need to do is purchase and utilize the specified campus booster data plans while on campus. This means students can enjoy even more data at an affordable price.

BundlePrice/ValidityOn-campusNight bonusCode
265 MBN100/1 day230 MB35 MB*777#
590 MBN200/2 days480 MB110 MB*777#
2.6 GBN500/14 days1.6 GB1 GB*777#
5.8 GBN1,000/30 days3.8 GB2 GB*777#
14.4 GBN2,000/30 days10.4 GB4 GB*777#
44 GBN5,000/30 days40 GB4 GB*777#

Glo Midnight Plans and their USSD Subscription Codes

Glo offers 5 different plans for the Glo Night plan, and as stated earlier, there are different plans with different prices to suit your taste or budget.

The Glo N25 night-only plan

Glo offers users a Glo night plan that costs only N25. It costs N25 to get 250MB. Users can subscribe to the N25 Glo night plan by following the procedure below:

  1. dial *777#
  2. reply to the prompt with 1 – data
  3. select 1 again – Buy data
  4. select 1 or 2 – Autorenewal or one-off
  5. select 7 – weekend plans
  6. select 2 – 500MB Glo night plan

The Glo N50 night-only plan

This Glo night plan is also available from 12 am to 5 am and is only durable for one night. It costs N50 for 500MB To subscribe to the N50 Glo night plan:

  1. dial *777#
  2. reply to the prompt with 1 – data
  3. select 1 again – Buy data
  4. select 1 or 2 – Autorenewal or one-off
  5. choose 7 – weekend plans
  6. select 1 – 250MB Glo night plan

1GB Glo night-only plan

This Glo night plan is only available from 12 am to 5 am but comes with a larger data volume. The good thing about this Glo night plan is the duration. The 1GB Glo night plan lasts for 5 days, so you don’t have to be in a rush.

You can get 1GB for the Glo night plan by sending 60 to 127 or dialling *127*60# You can also follow the process below to subscribe to the Glo 1GB Night Plan:

  1. dial *777#
  2. reply to the prompt with 1 – data
  3. select 1 again – Buy data
  4. select 1 or 2 – Autorenewal or one-off
  5. select 7 – weekend plans
  6. select 3 – 1GB Glo night plan

The Glo TGIF weekend and Night plans

The Glo TGIF weekend plans cost N200 or N500 only and can last throughout the weekend, So if you are an office worker, buying this Glo night data plan may be the best way to spend your weekend.

The Glo TGIF weekend and night plans are listed below:

  • N200 for 1.25GB (Sunday-only plan)
  • N500 for 3GB (Saturday to Sunday plan)

The 1.25GB Glo night and weekend plan

Glo rolled out the 1.25GB night and weekend plan to make data more affordable for its customers. Subscribers can only use the Glo night plan on Sundays from midnight to 11:59 am the same Sunday.

The 1.25GB Glo night plan costs N200 only.

If you want to subscribe to the 1.25GB Glo Night and weekend plan, follow the instruction below:

  1. dial *777#
  2. reply to the prompt with 1 – data
  3. select 1 again – Buy data
  4. select 1 or 2 – Autorenewal or one-off
  5. select 7 – weekend plans
  6. select 4 – 1.25GB Glo night plan

Glo Night and Weekend Data Subscriptions, 3GB for N500

Glo Nigeria offers one of the very best internet plans for night browsing. Another type of Glo night plan provides;

  • 24-hour night plan
  • weekend and
  • 5-night data plans.

The validity period for Glo’s night plan is 7 days. Subscribers can access the 3GB Glo night and weekend plan at any time during the weekend, which starts from midnight on Saturday until 11:59 PM on Sunday.

Additionally, on weekdays (Monday to Friday), the plan is usable from 12 AM to 5 AM. In summary, the 3GB Glo night plan can be used throughout the weekend regardless of the hour, and on weekdays, it is available from midnight to 5 AM.

This particular Glo night plan is designed for weekends and nights, and it remains active for 7 days. For the cost of just 500 Naira, subscribers can enjoy 3GB of data.

To buy this Glo night plan, text 61 to 127 or dial *127*61# or follow the process below:

  1. dial *777#
  2. reply to the prompt with 1 – data
  3. select 1 again – Buy data
  4. select 1 or 2 – Autorenewal or one-off
  5. select 7 – weekend plans
  6. select 5 – 3GB Glo night and weekend plan

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