How to get MTN 150GB with MTN Data4Me code for 15000 Naira


Do you find yourself consuming large amounts of data due to social media, heavy downloads, or even remote work? This article delves into the MTN 150GB data package, available through a subscription of 15,000 Naira per month.

The MTN 150GB for 15,000 Naira per month stands out as one of the exclusive offers under the MTN4ME program, catering specifically to eligible MTN subscribers. Your access to this offer hinges on your previous data usage history, a decision solely determined by the network provider.

MTN4ME consistently extends discounted data plans and potential double data benefits to its customers, a daily offering. Consequently, activating the 150GB for 15,000 Naira encompasses a 75GB monthly data plan, bolstered by an additional data bonus of an equivalent 75GB, resulting in an impressive total of 150 GB.

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You can opt for either of two methods to subscribe to the MTN 150GB for 15000 Naira double data offer. One approach involves utilizing the MyMTN mobile app, while the alternative entails dialling the MTN USSD code.

Method 1: How To Get 150GB For 15000 Using The MyMTN App

  1. Download MyMTN mobile app
  2. Sign in to the app.
  3. Make sure you have ₦15000 on your line.
  4. On the app’s Homepage, tap the “Mega Deal Zone” box
  5. You will find yourself on a page that says, “Crack The Egg
  6. Tap the egg labelled “Bundle” to display a DOUBLE DATA offer
  7.  If you get an offer to buy 75GB + EXTRA 75GB bonus data for ₦15000, tap the “Accept” button. If you don’t, tap “Crack Another Egg
  8. Once you get the 75GB DOUBLE DATA offer, tap the “Accept” button.

Method 2: How To Get 150GB For 15000 Using USSD Code

  1. Make sure you have ₦3,500 on your line,
  2. Dial *121# on your line.
  3. On the next menu, select the option labelled “Data Offers 4ME“.
  4. On the next menu, select the option that says “Get 75GB for N15000

After activation, you’ll receive a message from MTN that you have successfully purchased 150GB of data valid for 30 days. And that’s it, you can immediately start using your data plan.

How To Check MTN 150GB For 15000 Data Balance

When you subscribe to a data plan like the 15000 for 150GB on MTN that gives bonus data on subscription, you may want to check your balance if truly you received the standard data volume, and the bonus as well.

To check your data balance for MTN 15000 Naira for 150GB, simply dial *131*4#, and the data balance of standard data, as well as the bonus, will be displayed on your screen. You can also dial *559*43# or *556# to check your bonus balance separately.

How Do I Access MTN4ME 150GB For 15000?

You can access MTN4ME by:

  • Dialling *121# on your mobile phone.
  • Visiting
  • Visiting myMTN NG App, Click on the MegaDealZone tab and use the “Crack the Egg” feature to redeem your offer.
  • Calling the Call Centre (180) and requesting your offer from an agent.
  • Visiting an MTN retail store and requesting your offer from an agent.

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