Find A Lost or Stolen iPhone That’s Turned Off Or Offline in Nigeria

Find A Lost or Stolen iPhone

Have you misplaced your iPhone and efforts to reach the phone keep saying it is switched off? Fortunately for iPhone users, Apple lets users view the location of their iPhone on the Find My Map, and there’s even a way to do this if the device is powered off or offline.

iPhone users have the option to locate their lost or stolen device through the Find My network. However, there’s an additional method to find an iPhone even if it’s not on or connected to the internet. Apple’s Find My network works for locating various devices such as iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, AirPods, AirTags, and more.

To access this, users can either utilize the Find My app or log in to iCloud via a web browser. Through these methods, users can see the whereabouts of their device, trigger a sound to help locate it, and also remotely wipe its data if recovery isn’t possible.

Apple has taken an extra step with the Find My network, allowing certain iPhones to reveal their location even when they’re powered off or offline. for more iPhone-related tips, read our guide on How to play iMessage games on your iPhone or iPad.

This becomes especially handy when an individual misplaces their iPhone, which has run out of battery, or if the device has been stolen and powered off or set to Airplane mode. It’s important to note that this feature must be activated on the iPhone before it goes missing, as locating an iPhone becomes impossible without Find My being enabled.

Here, we discuss two primary methods to trace your iPhone.

Find An iPhone If It’s Turned Off using Find My

To set up Find My, start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap on your username located at the top. Then, choose ‘Find My’ and after that, select ‘Find My iPhone’. Turn on the switches next to ‘Find My iPhone’, ‘Find My Network’, and ‘Send Last Location’. The ‘Find My Network’ feature is what helps you find your iPhone even when it’s turned off.

Once you’ve turned on these options, you’ll notice a message when you’re turning off your iPhone. It will say ‘iPhone Findable After Power Off’. This means your iPhone will be visible in the Find My app on your other devices. Also, people you’ve shared your location with through Family Sharing will be able to see it.

If you need to locate an iPhone that’s been turned off, you can do it using the Find My app on another Apple device, like a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. You’ll see a map that shows where your iPhone is, and you can get step-by-step directions to reach it.

Remember, the ability to find iPhones that are offline works only on certain models that have Ultra Wideband. This includes iPhone 11 and newer models, but not the iPhone SE. Keep in mind that you can only find an iPhone within 24 hours after it’s been turned off, or up to five hours if it’s in power reserve mode.

Set Up Lost Mode On iPhone

If you can’t locate your iPhone using the Find My Map, it’s a good idea to use Lost Mode, which can assist someone else in reaching out to the owner. To set this up, open the Find My app on another Apple device (or log in to iCloud on a web browser) and choose your iPhone from the ‘Devices’ section.


Scroll down to ‘Mark As Lost’ and tap ‘Activate.’ If your iPhone doesn’t have a passcode, you’ll get an option to create one. Then, provide your contact details and the message you want to show on the locked screen. Tap ‘Activate’ once more to turn on Lost Mode.

If your iPhone is offline, it will be labelled as ‘Pending’ in the Devices section of the Find My Map. If someone discovers the iPhone and charges it, your custom message will appear on the screen when it powers on.

During Lost Mode, your iPhone won’t show alerts or sound for notifications or alarms. Nonetheless, you can still receive calls and FaceTime calls. When your iPhone reconnects to the internet, its location will be visible in the Find My app.

However, Lost Mode blocks the person who finds the iPhone from accessing any data stored on the device. For a similar article, read our guide on How to locate and track a phone number in Nigeria.

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