Easy ways to maintain your iPhone Battery Health to Last Longer

The iPhone stands as a formidable gadget, yet much like any electronic companion, it demands a bit of care to retain its peak performance. Just like a vessel charting endless seas, as long as the crew dedicates attention to its upkeep, your iPhone will faithfully serve you, provided you tend to its battery’s well-being.

Safeguarding the vitality of your battery ranks high on the list for iPhone enthusiasts who rely profoundly on their devices throughout each day’s journey. To secure optimal functionality and prolong the battery’s overall lifespan, it becomes imperative to adopt strategies that conserve its energy. Shepherd your iPhone towards its maximum endurance by embracing these pointers to nurture its battery’s vitality.

In this article, we will delve into the best approaches to preserve your iPhone battery’s health life.

Avoid Maximizing Your Charge Cycles

As per Apple’s guidance, iPhones tend to hold about 80% of their original battery capacity after approximately 500 charge cycles. A charge cycle is counted when you deplete 100% of your iPhone’s battery, such as using up 50% yesterday and another 50% today.

In a nutshell, the less you actively utilize your iPhone, the fewer charge cycles it will undergo, contributing to an extended battery lifespan. Surprisingly, you can even monitor the count of battery cycles your iPhone has undergone without resorting to any additional apps.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that maintaining your device at either full charge or complete depletion might hurt the overall health of your iPhone’s battery. To this end, it’s advisable to aim for a battery level between 40% and 80% whenever possible, as this practice is conducive to preserving the long-term battery health of your iPhone.

Optimise display settings to preserve battery life

The screen on your iPhone uses up a considerable amount of battery life. Tweaking the display settings can make a notable difference in how long your battery lasts. To start, consider turning on the auto-brightness feature. This allows your phone to automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the surrounding light conditions. It’s a nifty way to prevent unnecessary power drain when your screen is blazing bright for no reason.

Moreover, you can trim down the duration for which the screen stays on when idle. Just delve into the Settings menu and opt for a shorter interval before the display goes to sleep. By doing so, your iPhone’s screen will shut off faster when it’s not actively being used. This nifty trick helps to hoard that precious battery juice. For more iPhone guides on A3Techworld, read our guide on How to tell if an iPhone is charging while it is off.

Lastly, if you’re aiming to save even more battery life, think about disabling dynamic wallpapers and those cool motion effects. Sure, they look neat, but they also put a load on your device’s graphical processing. So, by giving them a break, you’re allowing your device to catch its breath and be a bit more thrifty with its power consumption.

Turn Off Unused Features

To make sure your iPhone’s battery stays in good shape and lasts longer, it’s a good idea to switch off any extras that you don’t need. This might cover energy-hungry stuff like Background App Refresh, Bluetooth, Location Settings, and push notifications – all of these options can be located in your Settings app.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boosting your iPhone’s battery life for the long haul. You could also tone down the screen brightness a notch, cut back on notifications so they don’t keep lighting up your Lock Screen, and if your iPhone has that feature, disable the always-on display to conserve even more power. For more related articles, read our comprehensive guide on “Will My Alarm Go Off In Do Not Disturb Mode?

Enable Low Power Mode

Apple’s Low Power Mode comes to the rescue when your battery’s in the hot seat. It’s like a superhero that steps in, putting certain background tasks and fancy visuals on hold to stretch out your battery life. To get this power-saving wizard in action, just take a detour to Settings, tap on Battery, and flip the switch.

Once you’re in the groove with Low Power Mode, your iPhone becomes a savvy energy saver. It tweaks things behind the scenes – checking emails less often and giving automatic downloads a timeout. Sure, some bells and whistles might take a coffee break, but this mode makes sure your iPhone doesn’t throw in the towel when you need it most. It’s your battery’s wingman, helping you sail through until the next recharge.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone Charged Overnight

Many individuals opt to charge their smartphones overnight due to their convenience. However, relying on overnight charging might have negative repercussions, as it can lead to detrimental effects on the iPhone’s battery, ultimately diminishing the overall lifespan of the device. For more iPhone guides on A3Techworld, read our guide on How to play iMessage games on your phone.

The act of frequently overcharging the phone’s battery results in damage, as it forces an excess of current into cells that are already at capacity, surpassing their intended limits. Additionally, leaving your iPhone plugged in throughout the night maintains it at a constant 100% charge, which is detrimental to the battery’s long-term health.

Fortunately, there exists a built-in solution to optimize battery charging and preserve the well-being of your iPhone’s battery. This feature can be activated by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging and activating the Optimized Battery Charging option. By adhering to a consistent routine of unplugging your phone around the same time daily, your iPhone will adapt to this pattern, refraining from reaching a full 100% charge until it’s necessary.

Stop Siri from listening

You also have the option to extend your battery life slightly by deactivating Siri’s active listening function. When your iPhone remains in a state of constant readiness to respond to your “Hey Siri” prompt, it consumes more battery power. To disable this feature, access the Settings menu, select Siri & Search, and then turn off the Listen for “Hey Siri” choice.

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Avoid Charging and Using Your Phone Simultaneously

It’s perfectly alright to glance at messages and scroll through your social media feed for a little while. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to avoid getting involved in prolonged gaming sessions while your iPhone is in the process of charging.

Particularly, multiplayer games have a tendency to lead your iPhone to generate excessive heat. If you charge your device simultaneously, this situation will only exacerbate the problem and have a negative impact on the long-term health of your iPhone’s battery.

Hence, the wise approach is to plan ahead to some extent. Ensure your device has a reasonable charge before you engage in activities. Additionally, using a hot iPhone isn’t the most comfortable or practical experience. For more related articles, read our comprehensive guide on How to fix messenger notifications but no message.

Use Only Official Apple Chargers

Numerous dishonest businesses manufacture subpar iPhone chargers. Although they can still provide a charge to your device, these chargers lack Apple’s certification. Consequently, they fail to uphold the same standard of quality and compatibility required for your iPhone’s battery.

iPhone Prices in Nigeria

For your personal safety and the health of your iPhone’s battery, it’s vital to exclusively opt for accessories that are certified by Apple. Among the range of officially endorsed products are the finest Lightning cables designed for charging your iPhone. These cables offer a safeguard against potential power surges and short circuits. Such hazards have the potential to cause harm to you or inflict damage on the phone’s internal components, including its battery.

Update to the Latest iOS Version

Maintaining your iPhone’s battery health has a simple yet effective trick: keeping the device’s operating system up to date. As time goes by, your iPhone gets software updates that boost its speed and overall performance, all while safeguarding the battery’s longevity.

Plus, these updates often roll in with fresh battery-saving features that you’ll appreciate. For example, one update introduced Screen Time, a nifty tool to track your device usage and preferred apps. Armed with this info, you can tweak your daily routine to ensure you’re not glued to your phone excessively.

Just navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to see if there’s an update available for your device. This uncomplicated move ensures your iPhone remains on point and the battery stays strong.

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