How to check your 9mobile data balance and airtime balance in 2023

Every day, numerous individuals are turning to the internet in search of answers on checking their 9mobile data balance, viewing 9mobile data balance via SMS, accessing 9mobile data plans online, and verifying 9mobile Nigeria network data balance for the year 2023. Don’t worry, no matter how you phrase your search, you’ll find the solution right here!

The tariff plans, data plans, and USSD codes remain largely unchanged, and these codes work uniformly across all mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and more. Below, you’ll find the details on how to check your balance on 9mobile to know how much subscription Mb you have and airtime.

How to check 9mobile data balance

To inquire about your 9mobile data balance, you can simply use the USSD code *228#. This code not only allows you to verify if you have received any bonuses from your tariff plan airtime recharge but also serves as a means to check your data plan status, balance, and expiry date.

Alternatively, instead of dialling the USSD code, you have the option to send an SMS with the text “INFO” to the number 228. By doing so, you will receive a message containing comprehensive details about your current internet plan, remaining data, and the expiration date of your plan.

How to check 9mobile airtime balance

Discovering your 9mobile airtime account balance is both straightforward and swift. By dialling the USSD code *232#, your account balance will be promptly displayed on your phone screen. Additionally, you’ll receive an SMS containing your current account balance for your records.

Notably, this very same code applies universally for checking airtime balance across all the available 9mobile plans. Whether you’re on MoreTalk, MoreCliq, MoreFlex, MoreLife, MoreFlex evolution, TalkZone, or CliqLite, the *232# code remains consistent and convenient for checking your airtime balance.

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