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Call Me Back Code for MTN

Call me back code for MTN, learn how to send “call me back” messages on MTN, Telecom on A3 Techworld. One of the innovations brought to the table by MTN was the “Call Me Back” messaging. Call me back service is a free SMS service that allows you to send Call Me Back SMS to other users on the same network. 

Also read, How to use MTN free incoming minutes & How to migrate to MTN BizConnect. MTN provides four call-me-back USSD codes for users to select from, each designed to convey a particular message.

To use the MTN call me back service, the general code for sending call me back on MTN Nigeria is *133#. MTN users can also carry out the Please Call Me Back SMS requests from a single shortcode, all you need to do is; Dial *133# » input the recipient’s number » select the type of “call me” to send » Send.

How to Send Call Me Back on MTN Instantly, below are some of the various SMS texts you can send with MTN call me back:

  • Please Call Me Back, I Love You – Dial *133*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.
  • Please Call Me, I Have A Gist For You – Dial *133*3*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.
  • Please Send Me Credit – Dial *133*2*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.
  • Please Call Me, I Need Your Assistance – Dial *133*4*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.

Sending a Call me Back Message on MTN

MTN has a cap of up to 5 call me back messages daily, and here is how you can send a call me back message using a code on MTN Nigeria.

  • Dial *133#
  • Or Dial *133*3*MTN NUMBER#
  • Enter an MTN Number to send a call me back message
  • DONE: You can send up to 5 call me back messages daily

Important Facts About MTN Call Back

  • Using this code is free of charge, you won’t be charged any fee.
  • You can send a maximum of 5 MTN Call Me Back SMS daily. That means you cannot send more than 35 “Call me back” SMS in a week.
  • This is an Mtn to Mtn service code, you cannot use it for other mobile networks in Nigeria.
  • Once the call-back message goes through, you receive a notification from Mtn as confirmation.

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