Buy the Otherside Metaverse, all you need to know about the otherside Metaverse

Buy the Otherside Metaverse, all you need to know about the otherside Metaverse. Want to jump straight to the answer? You need Ethereum to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which you can get today on Gemini. Similar postBest NFT marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs right now.

As we all are aware, The Otherside Metaverse is trending. This new entrant is expected to release very soon. It is based on the successful Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC NFT) series. We will help you find everything related to the Otherside Metaverse. Similar postBest NFT apps to create and sell NFT on your iPhone.

There isn’t any price available for the Otherside land sales. Buying land here is an extremely speculative enterprise. The land here is foreknew to be sold in a currency called ApeCoin. It is a Yuga Labs-based project, and it is expected to possess a significant quantity of built-in worth. Paradox Metaverse announced their latest NFT collection, $PARA or Paradox coins

The Bored Ape Yacht Club community is better known for its valuable extras and exclusivity. Let us find out how users can buy land on the Otherside Metaverse

Brief History of The Otherside Metaverse

Because the Otherside has not been released, information is limited. Aside from appearing to be a multi-land metaverse, a feature hinted at in the trailer, the Otherside will support different NFTs. A submarine arrives near the end of the trailer, carrying the following NFTs: a Cryptopunk, Cryptoads, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, World of Women, and Cool Cats. The additional NFTs hint at interoperability.

Yuga Labs presented ApeCoin a few weeks ago, which will power the Otherside metaverse. Another in a long series of rewards was a big airdrop of ApeCoins to BAYC owners. The maximum and total supply are both set at 1 billion, with a current circulating pool of 277.5 million. Despite only being launched a few weeks ago, ApeCoin is already ranked 48th by market capitalization.

Yuga Labs is also now attracting major investors. Andreessen Horowitz led a recent $450 million round of funding, along with Animoca Brands, FTX, Google, and MoonPay. Similar postHow to buy virtual land in the metaverse today.

Perks of Holding The Otherside Metaverse Land

It’s still unknown what the perks of holding Otherside land may be. Holding Yuga Labs NFTs has proven lucrative in the past, so it is not hard to imagine that owning Otherside land will also come with valuable perks. Similar postHow to Create and Sell NFTs for Free.

Being a part of the Yuga Labs empire means that owning Otherside land comes with a lot of social capital. It has also been reported that the land itself will hold valuable items, from natural resources to rare artifacts and possibly even a Koda.

 What is a Koda? It could be the alien-looking being touring the Otherside with the Bored Ape. It’s rumored Kodas will be assigned to 10% of The Otherside land plots, and buyers who receive them may be able to sell this NFT separately.

How To Buy Land On The Otherside Metaverse? 

Details on how to buy Otherside land are also limited. A new website,, will possibly be used for land sales. You will first need to connect your MetaMask wallet. After connecting, you will need to get your know-your-customer (KYC) verified. It’s also possible that it’s too late to join in on the first land sale.

However, a leaked BAYC investor roadmap shows two land sales. The first was slated for March but was rescheduled for sometime in April. Then a second land sale is expected sometime in August.

Time needed: 1 hour.

Buy Land On The Otherside Metaverse with this 4-step Guide

  1. Open an online account

    To purchase Otherside land, you will need Ether (CRYPTO: ETH.) If you don’t already have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, you’ll need to create one. Coinbase, Gemini, and are great exchanges with easy-to-use trading platforms.

    All three exchanges make it relatively simple to register an account. To pass KYC, follow the instructions and input the relevant information. Following that, you must link a bank account or debit card.

  2. Buy or download a wallet

    Now that you’ve opened an account, you’ll need a good wallet. The wallet must be able to connect to the BAYC website or OpenSea to facilitate purchases. Avoid storing huge amounts of cryptocurrency or NFTs on exchanges. Keeping huge quantities of crypto on exchanges puts you at risk of loss because of an exchange hack.

  3. Send ETH To the Wallet

    The important step before purchasing land is to transfer Eth to your preferred wallet. You need your ETH public address to complete the transfer. It will be located on the top of the MetaMask pop-up window. You can go to the exchange, search for ETH, and tap Withdraw. A transfer page will open from where you can copy the address and paste it into the Send to address field. 

  4. Make your purchase

    The process of purchasing from the BAYC website so far is not clear. Although, typically, you would first connect your MetaMask wallet. It’s possible that you may be able to choose which type of land you want to purchase. Then there should be a “Mint” button to click on and then sign the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. 

Is it Worth Buying The Otherside Metaverse Land (BAYC) today?

Purchasing land on The Otherside is a highly speculative venture. However, based on Yuga Labs’ previous performance, there should be a significant amount of built-in value. The BAYC community is well known for its exclusivity and valuable perks. 

The same may be true for Otherside landowners; however, a lot will depend on what perks land ownership comes with. This could be an opportunity for those priced out of the BAYC and MAYC to become a part of the Yuga Labs ecosystem.

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