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Booking a train ticket online in Nigeria

All you should know about booking a train ticket online in Nigeria, how to book for Abuja to Kaduna or Kaduna to Abuja railway line online in Nigeria. NRC initiates e-ticketing for the Abuja-Kaduna train service.

The Nigeria Railway Cooperation – NRC has developed its e-ticket platform and will begin providing tickets to passengers online, particularly those purchasing the Abuja-Kaduna train route, in accordance with global best practices. The e-ticketing system is a Public-Private Partnership of around 900 million Naira that SecureID will manage for 10 years. The goal is to recoup its investment before handing over control to the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

What you need to know about booking a train ticket online in Nigeria:

  • A database of all passengers boarding the train will be captured in case of emergencies and for other purposes.
  • An e-ticket is stored in the train’s reservation system.
  • Using one account, Only two(2) tickets are allowed per train for now.
  • All passengers are expected to check in with a government-issued photo ID in order to receive their boarding passes.
  • No refund policy after payment online.

How to book a train ticket online in Nigeria

I have provided you with the easy steps to book a train ticket from Kaduna to Abuja or Abuja to Kaduna online:

  1. You visit the Nigeria Railway Corporation’s official website here. Or download the app on your phone.
  2. You register on the website. Fill in your details which include your valid phone number, date of birth, and your ID card.
  3. Login after you have successfully registered.
  4. Choose your departure location and destination in Nigeria.
  5. Select your preferred departure date. (Departure Timetable)
  6. Find the available train, review your ticket, and pay online.

If you prefer to buy a ticket at the train station, no worries, tickets will still be sold over the counter to those who prefer to buy at the counter and cater to those without access to internet services.

FAQ: Booking a train ticket online in Nigeria

How many hours from Kaduna to Abuja by train?

The time required for a train journey from Abuja to Kaduna is between 2 hours 15 minutes and 2 hours 45 minutes.

Which online portal is used for booking train tickets in Nigeria?

To book your train ticket online (Abuja, Kaduna), Visit: https://nrc.tps.ng/

How long is my ticket valid?

Your ticket is valid until the date of expected travel.

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