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Best Websites to Find Jobs In Canada

If you are looking for the best websites to find jobs in Canada, this article contains a list of Canada’s best job search websites.

One of the most common ways today’s job seekers uncover employment opportunities is by using online sources. It is very easy this day to source for employment opportunities online the thing is just to get the website.

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There are hundreds of job boards, both generic and niche, as well as aggregators, social media channels, networking groups, and staffing company websites to choose from.

The sites we are listing down below are available for people in Canada to access and search for a job. There are many others, of course, but this list of best job search websites should give you a good starting point for your next job hunt:


This website has listings from over 10,000 employers that want to fill up spaces in their company in Canada. You need to sign up and also add your emails so that you will be notified whenever a job that interests you is posted on the platform. With Eluta you get referred back to the company website that posted for the job. The website is easy to use because of the friendly user interface and easy navigation. There is also an advanced search bar that can help you find what you want easily.  


No list of best job search websites would be complete without this entry. CareerBuilder is one of the biggest job boards, and its robust search function allows you to filter by several criteria, including location, degree required and pay range. Job seekers can upload their resumes in any format. CareerBuilder partners with news media around the country and collects job listings from them. The site also provides career advice and resources for candidates.


Jobboom is Quebec’s largest recruitment site and offers services in both official languages. This website allows candidates to post their resumes on the site and apply for jobs directly or reply to job offer broadcasts, which are sent instantly via e-mail to selected applicants. Jobboom also offers career guidance, as well as articles on topics such as self-learning, market trends and hot career paths.


Another awesome Canadian platform where you can search for jobs and it’s totally free to use. The website is offered in two languages French and English language to make it more accessible to people. The website cuts across everywhere in Canada and employers make use of the platform to recruit job seekers. Make sure you check out this site if you are searching for a job in Canada especially because it covers the entire country. Navigating the website is easy because you can use the search bar or even download their mobile app.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs aggregates job listings from multiple search engines, including several of the ones listed in this post. Like Google itself, it’s easy to use: Candidates can use key phrases like “accounting jobs” to get a list of available positions. If something catches your eye, you can click on a button to go directly to the source of the job listing and apply. For example, a button might read, “Apply on LinkedIn.” One key benefit of using Google for Jobs is that it eliminates redundant results and displays only one listing for an open position.


monster is one of the biggest job boards and it’s available in Canada. it filters jobs that are available at your location. the platform is one of my favorites because it covers jobs across various niches from engineering, law, and even medicine. make sure you check out this platform.


People often forget the importance of this platform it is one of the easiest ways to get a job if you’re a professional. All you have to do is to optimize your profile and add all the necessary details to your bio. Some companies also post job listings on the platform if you a freelancer there are chances that you might get your job directly on LinkedIn. The service is free but to access some profiles and DMs you need to subscribe. 

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