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Best ways to increase Instagram engagement for content creators



Best ways to increase Instagram engagement for content creators, learn how to increase engagement on Instagram 2021.

Today, brands need to look further into their performance metrics and track comments, saves, shares, Instagram Stories views, and even DMs to understand how they are performing.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users monthly, as a content creator on Instagram you should be getting a lot of engagement to maximize profit.

According to Oberlo, engagement – measured by likes, shares, and comments from consumers – is also off the chart, boasting a rate of 4.21%. That’s 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

 Below are the best ways you can level-up your Instagram strategy and increase Instagram engagement in 2021:

Create Quality Content

Of course, Instagram offers many opportunities for advertising, but you won’t be able to succeed if you don’t offer your followers the most important thing: high-quality content. Make sure that your content is both good-looking and informative.

There are four most common purposes of Instagram content: to entertain, to educate, to interact, and to inform. We recommend that you have 70% of the informative content intended for your existing and potential customers.

To understand what types of content will be most engaging for your followers, analyze statistics. In addition, we recommend that you use different types of content, including GIFs and videos.

Create “Saveable” Content for Your Feed

Instagram comments, shares, and saves are more important than ever. One of the best ways to improve your engagement for this year is to create more content that encourages your audience to tap that save button.

Using carousel posts to share valuable tips and information can lead to more saves, as your audience can refer back to the post when they want to act on the tips. 

Promote Your Instagram Posts On Other Social Networks

Spread the word about your Instagram channel as far as possible; Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, the list goes on.

You can also exploit Instagram’s auto-post and cross-promotional tools. The cross-promotional tools allow you to instantly post from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more, bringing followers together from across your social networks.

Engage Your Audience With Memes

This year’s biggest trend is using memes to boost your Instagram engagement. Memes are a serious trend because they are clever and funny. It is a great way to ‘soft promote’ your products/services. Share playful memes that can entertain your audience and ultimately increase engagement.

Post At The Right Time On Instagram

Every Instagram account has a unique audience with followers located across different cities, countries, and time zones — so it’s important to find your personalized best time to post on Instagram.

On average (, the best time to post on Instagram is between 10 AM and 3 PM CDT. However, the level of engagement you get can change dramatically depending on what day of the week you post.

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