Best music streaming service in Nigeria of 2023

Best music streaming service in Nigeria

With a lot of new features on the scene, the competition among the best music streaming giants in Nigeria like Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack, Soundcloud, and others has heated up significantly. In this article, we will explore top-notch streaming services.

Modern music streaming services usher in a world of exploration and convenience, granting you swift access to your beloved artists. In the past, audiophiles might have raised an eyebrow at the quality of streamed music. We have a similar post if you are looking for free music services with no ads, read our comprehensive article on Best Ad-Free Music Player Apps for Android.

Still, an increasing number of leading music streaming services now offer enticing perks, including spatial Dolby Atmos audio and complimentary lossless options. Moreover, they’re vying for your attention with a cornucopia of bonus features spanning Afro-beats, classical music, Naija street raps, podcasts, Fuji Music, and Highlife.

Fortuitously, most of these services facilitate multi-device streaming and boast music libraries that boast a staggering 100 million tracks. As you mull over your options, the primary factor to contemplate is your monthly expenditure. Until recently, prices remained relatively stable, hovering around 800 Naira to 1000 Naira.

However, the landscape has shifted, with Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, and now Spotify, subjecting users to rate hikes.

What is the best music streaming service today? 

Leading the pack in our selection of top-tier music streaming services, Tidal strikes the perfect chord by offering a HiFi tier that delivers pristine CD-quality audio (16-bit/44.1kHz) at a reasonable $9.99 per month. Taking things up a notch, the HiFi Plus tier, priced at $19.99 per month, elevate your musical experience with Master Quality audio (up to 24-bit/192kHz), along with immersive features like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio content.

Tidal streaming service in Nigeria on A3Techworld

Tidal, as a subscription-based platform, currently offers only paid options, albeit with an initial 30-day free trial period before monthly charges kick in. The service provides two main tiers: premium and HiFi. The key difference lies in the HiFi tier, which delivers music in its purest form, offering CD-quality audio and enabling listeners to experience music precisely as artists intended.

Tidal boasts an extensive music catalogue, robust compatibility across multiple platforms, and a remarkable sound quality that truly shines. What sets it apart is its commitment to supporting artists through a transparent compensation policy, making it an excellent choice for both audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

Nigeria marks the third African country to embrace Tidal’s services, following its initial launch in South Africa and Uganda in 2018. The platform is readily accessible on both Google and Apple stores for Android and iOS users, expanding its reach and convenience.

Which music streaming service should you use in Nigeria?

Below we will take a look at some of the most popular music streaming platforms in Nigeria and what makes them unique.


Tidal recently rolled out a new free subscription option, aptly named Tidal Free. It offers 160kbps streams of its entire music catalogue with “limited interruptions.” However, the true gems of this music streaming service can be found elsewhere.

The HiFi and HiFi Plus packages mainly stand apart in terms of audio quality. On the HiFi tier, Tidal streams at an impressive CD-quality 1411kbps. Meanwhile, a HiFi Plus subscription takes it up a notch, providing access to content mastered in Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos spatial audio, along with a vast library of true high-resolution audio tracks known as Tidal Masters. These Tidal Masters employ MQA technology to stream at a whopping 9,216kbps.

How much is Tidal subscription in Nigeria?

Tidal offers three subscription plans in Nigeria; Individual: N800 per month, Family: N1,200 per month, and Student: N400 per month.

Apple Music

Apple’s journey in the realm of digital music streaming has been nothing short of remarkable. It all began with the iTunes downloads platform, which, over time and in response to evolving consumer listening and purchasing preferences, transformed into the Apple Music streaming behemoth we know today.

Apple Music streaming service in Nigeria on A3Techworld
Apple Music

In a rather surprising move, Apple Music recently upped its game in the audio quality department. It made a subtle shift from offering compressed, low-resolution audio files to delivering nothing less than full CD-quality music files, all without any additional cost. This upgrade meant that existing subscribers suddenly found themselves with access to high-quality music streams, all without having to lift a finger. Currently, Apple Music boasts an extensive catalogue of over 100 million songs.

When it comes to sound quality, Apple Music truly shines. In terms of resolution and bit rate, their “lossless” offering provides crystal-clear “CD-quality” audio at 16-bit/44.1kHz. For those who crave the ultimate in audio fidelity, Apple Music delivers support for up to 24-bit/192kHz, ensuring a genuine Hi-Res Audio experience. However, it’s worth noting that this high-resolution output is not currently supported on Windows desktops.

Learn how to get an Apple Music subscription for 6 months free with the latest Apple Music and MTN partnership.

How much is an Apple Music subscription in Nigeria?

The cost of an Apple Music subscription in Nigeria depends on the plan you choose. Here are the current prices; Individual: N1000 per month, Family: N1500 per month, and Student: N550 per month.


If you’re okay with enduring advertisements between songs, and the occasional interruption in your music streaming experience, Spotify offers a free option. However, to be frank, the audio quality here is rather modest, maxing out at a meagre 96kbps or 160kbps. This level of quality falls short when it comes to truly savouring music, in our opinion.


For those who are willing to invest in a subscription, Spotify delivers streams at 320kbps, which is an improvement, but still not outstanding. While Spotify’s audio format does a commendable job in providing an immersive sound experience while using significantly less data compared to competitors, if you have a discerning ear and listen through a high-quality set of headphones or speakers, you may notice differences in the level of detail compared to services that prioritize audio quality more extensively.

How much is the Spotify subscription in Nigeria?

The Spotify subscription prices in Nigeria are as follows; Individual: N900 per month, Duo: N1200 per month, Family: N1400 per month, and Student: N450 per month.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service available in Nigeria, offering a vast library of over 80 million songs. Accessible via web, Android, and iOS devices, it provides two subscription options: the Individual plan at N900 per month for single-device access, and the Family plan at N1,400 per month for up to 5 devices. Additionally, there’s a free 30-day trial.

For Nigerian users, YouTube Music is a top choice due to its extensive collection of Nigerian music, featuring tracks by popular artists like Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy. It supports offline listening, allowing you to enjoy music without an internet connection, and enables background playback while using other apps. Furthermore, opting for the YouTube Music Premium subscription removes ads, enhancing the overall listening experience. If you’re seeking a music streaming service in Nigeria, YouTube Music offers an impressive array of features, making it a compelling choice.

To pay for YouTube Music in Nigeria, you can use a credit card, debit card, or a virtual card. You can also use a gift card or a promo code.

How much is the YouTube Music subscription in Nigeria?

The YouTube Music subscription prices in Nigeria are as follows; Individual: N900 per month and Family: N1,400 per month.


Audiomack, a music streaming and download platform, is readily accessible in Nigeria. It boasts a vast library of music, encompassing local and international chart-toppers, along with content from independent and undiscovered artists. Additionally, Audiomack provides a platform for podcasts, music videos, and lyrics.

This service offers both a free and premium version. The free option permits users to enjoy music while encountering ads, while the premium alternative removes advertisements and facilitates offline listening. To access the premium features, users can subscribe for N900 per month.

Audiomack has established itself as a popular choice among music enthusiasts in Nigeria, garnering a substantial user base of over 10 million individuals in the country. It finds particular favour with the younger generation, who appreciate its capacity for music discovery and the convenience of downloading songs for offline enjoyment.

In the year 2022, Audiomack’s presence in Nigeria continues to flourish. The platform has inked a licensing agreement with Universal Music Group, broadening the selection of UMG content accessible to Audiomack users in Nigeria. Additionally, Audiomack has initiated several programs aimed at supporting local artists, exemplified by the Audiomack Rising program, which extends financial backing and mentorship to budding talents.


Boomplay is a music streaming service that was launched in Nigeria in 2015. It is currently the leading music streaming service in Nigeria, with over 60 million users. Boomplay offers a wide variety of music, including local and international songs, as well as podcasts. Users can stream music for free with ads, or they can subscribe to a premium plan to remove ads and get access to additional features, such as offline listening.

In 2023, Boomplay partnered with several telecom operators in Nigeria to offer affordable data bundles for streaming music – MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile. This has made it more accessible for people in Nigeria to stream music on Boomplay. Boomplay has also been investing in original content, such as exclusive singles and albums from Nigerian artists. This has helped to boost the popularity of Boomplay among Nigerian music fans.

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