Best laptops for freelancers in Nigeria

With an increase in remote working, freelancing is more common now than ever before. The boom in the freelancing industry has led to companies introducing tons of laptops that can meet freelancers’ needs. The most popular functions are portability and versatility, allowing freelancers to move around freely. (Similar post: Top 10 Affordable Gaming Laptops In Nigeria)

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home. This new way of working has become surprisingly effective but does require workers to source the best laptop for working from home. (Similar post: Best HP Laptops To Buy In Nigeria For 2022)

Choosing a good work laptop depends on many factors. One of these is the type of job you do. Those with creative jobs, such as graphic designers, will need a powerful processor, whereas remote workers who teach or attend many virtual meetings may want to consider the webcam quality. (Similar post: Most Affordable Laptops For Pentesting And Ethical Hacking Available Today)

A feature-rich laptop is a must-have gadget for freelancers, but there are so many options to choose from. Here are the best laptops for freelancers available today.

What are the best laptops for freelancers working from home in Nigeria?

Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15 is a superior choice for those working from home. It’s lightweight, has a powerful processor, features a vibrant screen, and has exceptionally high-quality speakers.

The Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB SSD storage can handle tasks demanded by most jobs using CPU-intensive apps. Architects and engineers, for example, will be confident with its performance thanks to the generous 64GB of RAM and 8-core processor. Whereas writers will enjoy its excellent keyboard and love the large and accurate trackpad.

The display is vibrant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, those needing color accuracy should know that it has an average Delta E grade. Therefore, it may not be ideal for photographers, graphic designers, etc.

While the Dell XPS 15 is undoubtedly a powerhouse, it doesn’t boast a particularly strong battery. It is okay if you work from your kitchen and have access to a steady power supply, but it could be a problem for digital nomads living somewhere with an unreliable power supply or anyone living in a disaster-prone area.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro can transform into three different modes, including a studio, a tablet, and a notebook. With its 8GB RAM and Intel processor, you can run multiple apps smoothly without lag, making it perfect for multitasking, which freelancers do most of the time. It is equipped with Windows 10 Home and direct access to Office 365, allowing freelance writers to create amazing articles. After that, they can store their documents securely on Onedrive, a safe and easily accessible storage space.

The faster 256GB SSD won’t let you down if you keep your data on your laptop. Taking your Surfer pen out while your versatile laptop is switched to Studio Mode allows you to start creating masterpieces for your clients; a convenient feature for artists. Also, the device is highly portable with a weight of just 1.70lbs and is thin enough to fit in your backpack.

The battery can power the device for almost 10.5 hours which is long enough to last the whole day. Furthermore, you can charge your battery from zero to 80 percent within an hour with a super-fast charging capability. In addition, the Hello face authentication camera allows you to continue where you left off, and the dual cameras with powerful microphones make it an excellent choice for virtual client meetings

2021 Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch

Although the M1 Max is a more powerful chip, MacBook users buying machines with the lower-priced M1 Pro chip will not be squandering an opportunity. Make no mistake—this chip can handle just about anything you throw at it.

With 16GB of RAM, professionals from most fields will be able to use this machine seamlessly with multiple programs and apps in operation. You can configure it to 32GB RAM and a whopping 8TB of storage for a price. These upgrades will make the device suitable for any profession requiring CPU-intensive apps.

The build quality is excellent, with a sturdy and lightweight aluminum enclosure, and its sleek design and relatively small weight make it an ideal choice for those working from home. The battery performance is also a significant plus for on-the-go professionals or even stay-at-home remote workers that like a change of scenery at the cafe.

At the end of a long day, watching your favorite entertainment apps, chatting with friends on FaceTime, or just simply browsing the web is an enjoyable experience. With the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch immersive display and high-quality audio, it’s hard to find a reason to turn it off.

Lenovo Flex 5

The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 with Chrome OS is an excellent choice for freelancing, primarily if you have previously used a Chrome OS device. You must, however, manage all your data on Google Drive as the built-in 64GB SSD will not hold your data for very long. While the storage space may not be enough, the 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor will impress you with its quick processing speed and responsiveness.

In addition, the backlit keyboard with a 1.44 mm key travel distance makes typing fast and comfortable—impressive features for freelance writers. Its 10-hour battery timing ensures you won’t run out of power before your next deadline. Additionally, the Full HD IPS Display with narrow bezels gives you a clear view no matter what angle you look at it from. That way, you can binge-watch videos in any orientation.

In addition, you won’t miss even a single beat with the front-facing dual speakers. Being Chrome OS-based, it comes preloaded with essential Android apps you use frequently, and it updates automatically after a few weeks. Above all, the convertible nature of this unit gives it an edge over non-convertible devices. Nevertheless, if you have never used a Chrome OS device before, it may take some time to get used to it. In addition, if you are accustomed to Mac or Windows, the change may be challenging to comprehend at first.

HP Pavilion X360

With its 14-inch widescreen, the HP Pavilion with an 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor is a good choice for freelance programmers and graphic designers as it offers ample space for coding and designing beautiful logos. Multi-touch Full HD with a high-end display makes researching your next project so much fun. This machine supports 45 percent NTSC color space so that you can use it for all your creative projects

With an accumulative weight of 3.55lbs and a 360-degree geared hinge, you can orient this lightweight laptop into four different positions. The Intel Iris Xe graphic processor also provides a more realistic view of your designs with a combination of vibrant colors. Despite sitting in front of the screen for hours to meet your tight deadline, your eyes won’t hurt.

With 256GB of SSD storage, you can store most of your files, and 8GB of RAM ensures you won’t run out of RAM while running the long code you spend all day writing. Further, even if you perform multitasking while coding in parallel, the device won’t give up on you. Its incredible battery life of more than 8 hours allows you to complete the task at hand in one go.

It also features an HP Fast Charge feature that charges your battery up to 50 percent within 45 minutes, which means you won’t have to wait long after running out of power to get back to work. Last but not least, the device is highly energy-efficient, as evidenced by its Energy Star certification.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

The Microsoft Surfer Go 3 is a 2-in-1 laptop, suitable for a wide range of freelance tasks, including preparing spreadsheets, designing graphics, long hours of writing, and general tasks. Corning Gorilla Glass display ensures a smooth view while writing, editing videos, or retouching images for your client.

With Windows Hello face authentication, you can quickly resume work right where you left off before lunch. You can manage all your documents in one place with the help of Office 365 and OneDrive cloud storage. With a built-in 128GB SSD, you can store files on your PC as well, if you are not a fan of keeping data in the cloud.

Weighing only 1.18 lbs, the device is lightweight and highly portable, making it an ideal choice for digital nomads. Furthermore, 11 hours of power backup ensure that you won’t run out of memory midway through your next tour. With its backlit keyboard and smooth typing experience, your fingers won’t ache much after typing. Last but not least, it features a built-in studio microphone that makes transcription jobs a breeze, as well as dual cameras to demonstrate the best side of your skills to prospective clients.

HP Spectre 14T

The HP Spectre 14T brings aesthetics and power together with one of the best 2-in-1 laptops on the market. On the one hand, it is a powerful laptop with an Intel Core i7 CPU, which will handle most of your work tasks exceptionally well. On the other hand, the design is stunning, which isn’t a clincher for a remote worker, but it certainly adds to its appeal.

It conveniently converts into a tablet whenever needed and comes complete with the MPP2.0 Tilt Pen. It is a perfect accessory for those that prefer to make handwritten notes when attending virtual meetings or those working in creative industries. The pen’s battery has a long life, so you can feel confident it will last for the entirety of any task.

The 13.5-inch screen has a 3:2 ratio, which is seen more in the laptop market nowadays. This ratio means less zooming in and out and less scrolling, saving you time and keeping you organized and focused.

Razer Book 13

Although Razer Books are usually for gamers, the Razer Book 13 deserves a mention as a suitable laptop for working from home. It is Razer’s first laptop intended for work productivity.

However, for those remote-working gamers out there, never fear—you can fit the Razer Book 13 with an eGPU, such as the Razer Core X, which will convert it into a laptop you can use for work and for gaming in your spare time. The major downfall, though, is that a good eGPU doesn’t come cheap, and for digital nomads, it will add considerable weight and take up more space in your luggage.

The Razer Book 13 alone has a good enough performance for working from home, so it is one traveling remote workers can consider. If you tend not to travel so much, you can use the eGPU for gaming and work productivity.

laptops for freelancers FAQ

How Much RAM Is Required In A Laptop For Freelancing?

The more RAM your computer has, the better it will perform. If your pocket allows you to buy more RAM, then do so. In general, 8GB RAM should be sufficient to process all freelancing work on a basic level. To avoid frequently encountering low memory errors, go for 16GB RAM if you do a lot of designing work. For client management and writing-related job, 8 GB RAM would suffice.

Are MacBook M1 Models Suitable For Freelancing?

Both MacBook M1 models (Air and Pro) are packed with all the features a freelancer will need. They provide high-quality mics, speakers, cameras, and high typing comfort, fast processing, lightweight, and long-lasting batteries. Investing in MacBook Air or Pro will give you at least five to ten years of service, depending on how you use it.

What To Look For Before Buying A Laptop For Freelancing?

When choosing a laptop for freelancing, make sure it has a long battery life, enough storage space for all of your files, high-end RAM, and a powerful processor for fast processing and multitasking.

Furthermore, a good quality camera and high-end audio technology are essential for smooth virtual meetings, while the laptop should not break the bank. A lightweight unit with additional security features will be a plus.

Should I go For Windows or Mac as a freelancer?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer that can be given to the above question. Both come with their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately it depends on your personal preference and requirements. Laptops with Windows are generally more affordable and allow more customization. On the other hand, Macs are more expensive but offer an unparalleled experience when it comes to UI and overall performance.

As a freelancer, how much RAM should I look for on my laptop?

This will depend mainly on the type of freelancing work you do. Video editors and artists will require a minimum of 8 GB of RAM in their laptops, whereas general freelancing needs a minimum of 4 GB. One way to figure out the correct amount is to check the minimum requirements for the software you mostly use and add 1 or 2 GB of RAM to it to ensure a hassle-free working experience.

Wouldn’t it be better to buy a powerful PC rather than an expensive laptop for my freelancing needs?

There was a time when there was a significant difference between the performance capability of a desktop and a laptop but all that has changed thanks to technology. Today many laptops in the market can stand neck to neck with powerful PCs. As a freelancer, you might have to work while you are on vacation or when you are traveling. A laptop is ideal for freelancers as it provides high performance, great visuals, and amazing portability.

What are some of the standard tasks a laptop must be able to perform for general freelancing purposes?

General freelancing purposes involve almost everything except for graphics-intensive tasks. One of the most important things you need to look into is the laptop’s multitasking ability. It should have enough specs to switch from 1 task to another without lag. Another critical factor to look at is its battery life. The longer the battery life, the better; however, do not prioritize battery life over performance. Ideally, you would want to find the right balance between both.

Should I future-proof my laptop as a freelancer?

As a general rule, it is always wise to future-proof your laptop to get better value for your money. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only go for expensive models with insanely high specs. It also depends on the type of work you do and the software programs you use. If you feel that your software keeps getting updated every year and demands higher specs, you will have to invest a little bit more money. For general freelancing needs, you can go for a laptop that is a little more powerful than required, and you will be good to go.

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