What are the best Google Chrome extensions for WordPress users and developers in 2022?

What are the best Google Chrome extensions for WordPress users and developers in 2022? If you find yourself using WordPress for work or a personal blog, here are the best Chrome extensions you can use to improve the experience.

We all know Chrome right now is the most popular web browser to come out from the tech giant Google. But what we probably don’t know is that it is not just because of its simple design or easy-to-use experience but also for the wide range of WordPress Chrome extensions and other useful tools that it provides as add-ons for its users to use with it as an added functionality that makes it the ultimate choice for the internet surfers.

Starting from needing to manage your WordPress multisite, blogging option to analyzing the SEO of site content & developer customization, you get to enjoy and access a huge repository of Chrome extensions that eases our daily tasks. Moreover, the added functionalities ensure more flexibility and productivity among the users increasing their satisfaction rate.

WordPress is a powerful tool that allows you to create a website or blog both easily and to your exact specifications. This doesn’t mean that it’s without its flaws, however. If you’re hoping to get more out of WordPress, then there are a bunch of different extensions available for you to try from the Chrome Web Store. Here are five of the very best for you to have a look at.

Top performing Google Chrome extensions for WordPress users and developers in 2022:

WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector

First on this list comes WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector. This Chrome extension is great if you’re trying to get an idea of what else is possible with WordPress. Say you’re browsing another website or blog, for example, that has been built on WordPress. Maybe they’re using one of the more popular WordPress plugins compatible with WordPress 5.7, or maybe just using a theme that you think looks particularly enticing.

If you wanted to grab either of these plugins or themes for yourself, then normally you’d have no choice but to have a look through WordPress’ themes and plugins and hope that you can find something similar. This extension not only guarantees that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for but makes it quick and easy to do so.

The detection properly happens on a remote server and then sends the results to the extension. You can then access this information from the extension itself. Perfect for getting an idea about what is possible with WordPress.


This extension for Chrome is loved mostly by designers and developers for having the ability to read color from any point of the browser. Its user can adjust the selected color and use it in another program. Moreover, using its eyedropper feature, the tool enables you to read any color code on and off of a WordPress site. The extension consists of some cool features like having a history of the recently picked color, automatic copy of colors to the clipboard, keyboard shortcuts, gradient generator via CSS, photoshop excellent color picker, and 7 pre-installed palettes with palette viewer, and more.

It was first available for the Firefox browser only, but now it is also available for Chrome became a huge hit among its users already. So now Chrome users get to do so much more picking the color of their choice right from their browsers.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Next up on this list, we have WordPress Admin Bar Control. If you spend a lot of time on all aspects of your WordPress site, such as the design, the content creation, and the backend, then you will likely see how useful this extension can be already. The admin bar is a great feature in WordPress that gives you a lot of control over what you’re doing. There are tons of options with this bar, but the problem is that it can often get in the way.

If you’re trying to tidy up your design or to build on your current theme and aesthetic, say, then having this admin bar around can move the elements of your page around in a way that makes your life more difficult than it needs to be.

By default, you can hide the admin bar, but this is no good, either. If you’re the type of person who quickly hops between design and then content creation, you’ll notice the lack of that admin bar once you’re no longer focusing on design or layout. WordPress Admin Bar Control solves this problem, by giving you an easy and accessible button to toggle the admin bar. This means that with a single click, you can swap between the two.

The button works on a per-domain basis, too, so if you often jump between multiple sites and only need the admin bar on some, then the extension has you covered there as well.

Grammarly for Google Chrome

This handy and useful extension is a tool that I personally enjoy using. If you enjoy writing and want to enhance your writing capabilities on any kind of site, then can be no better extension than Grammarly. It also got a premium version that offers more advanced sentence-making functionalities.

Truly an extension for the best experience in proofreading your on-site writings, documents, social network content, and more. It detects common grammatical errors underlining them and suggests the best possible correction to replace them right away while you are writing on your WordPress site and other writing platforms from Chrome. So use it, if you are looking to create better & error-free content for your blogging site in WordPress and beyond. And for that, all you will need is to register and start improving your writing standard by all means.

WordPress Site Manager

Finally, WordPress Site Manager makes it onto this list. WordPress Site Manager is a more directly relevant extension for Chrome that aims to expand on a lot of the base functionality you get with WordPress.

For one, this extension expands on the WordPress theme editor so that you can get more functionality out of it.

On top of this, WordPress Site Manager can store your WordPress sites so that you can access them more quickly. This means that you don’t need an array of bookmarks or some confusing system to find them again.

WP Hive to Analyze WordPress Plugins

WP Hive is an exclusive extension that provides an awesome repository for WordPress plugins. It provides its users with great insight and valuable metrics that enable anyone to get a complete idea about a plugin available on WordPress.org. Once added to your Chrome browser, you will get to enjoy key insights and data of over 60k plugins whenever you search them through the official site.

Right from your WordPress.org page, you will get to view all the useful validation results. Installing the extension will also include information on the plugin’s impact on memory usage & page speed, PHP related errors, warnings, notices & compatibility, the version of WordPress it is compatible with, activation & resource error, how frequently the viewed plugin is updated, whether any issues were found during the testing phase of the plugin as well its optimized database footprint.


If you need to get enlightened with the information about any site in terms of its basic system, analytical tools, WordPress plugins, Fonts, and more then this is the extension you can trust with your closed eye. Moreover one can use this extension if they are surfing through a blog or site and they need to yield some particular technical detail of it right away for further analysis.

Essentially enough, starting from WordPress themes/plugins to any developer tools to ad networks, you name it, you are sure to get all the key insights from this single tool. The coolest thing about it is its notification feature whenever any new technology is installed or removed from your previously checked sites.

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