Best educational sites like Quizlet – Quizlet Alternatives for studying in 2022

This article is an educational post showing you the best Quizlet alternatives you can use for studying in 2022. Quizlet is one of the most popular websites that provides multiple features to review and make flashcards for various disciplines, including arithmetic and reading. Quizlet’s key purpose is to assist students in putting what they’ve learned into practice.

Are you searching for the best Quizlet alternatives? Want to know which platform offers the best features? You’re on the right page.

Below is a list of the best Quizlet alternatives which will help you to enhance your learning abilities:

Acadly: Free Quizlet Alternative

Acadly is an excellent platform for managing live in-class polling, questions and answers, quizzes, attendance, and analytics among other things. It’s a one-stop learning solution that’s ideal for both students and teachers. Educators primarily use the app to practice flipped classrooms, collaborative teaching, BYOD teaching, and active learning classrooms.

Key Features of Acadly

  • In comparison to other classroom apps, it is completely free to use.
  • It includes a built-in chat feature as well as a number of free instructional resources.
  • The software offers a one-of-a-kind course framework unique to Acadly
  • Support a variety of pedagogical styles.

Anki: Quizlet Alternative on all platforms

Anki is an open-source and free flashcard program using spaced repetition, this is a technique from intellectual science for fast and long memorization. It is one of the best Quizlet alternatives, and the work “Anki” is a Japanese word for “memorization.”

Key Features of Anki

  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, FreeBSD, Windows, and Linux.
  • It is available in over 48 languages, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Hungarian, English, Russian, and much more.
  • Cards are presented using HTML and include sounds, text, images, videos, and LaTex equations.
  • Cards and user statistics are stored in the open SQLite format.
  • Synch with a free online server called AnkiWeb.
  • Offers more than 750 add-ons that are often written by third-party developers.

Brainscape: Study and memorize easily

Brainscape is a mobile and web education service which lets students study adaptive flashcards. It permits teachers, students, and corporate trainers to upload or create electronic flashcards, and to search the flashcards created by other users across the world.

Key Features of Brainscape

  • Flashcards are stored in the cloud and can be shared with groups of other students.
  • Uses spaced repetition which improves the rate of learning.
  • Its services include various study models, electronic flashcards, teacher dashboards, and collaborative editing tools.
  • The white paper proves the capability of cognitive science, this includes how its feature uses metacognition and active recall.
  • Brainscape’s Pro subscription offers you access to unlimited premium content and several advanced features.

Study Blue

Study Blue allows students to connect with others who have similar learning aims and ambitions. StudyBlue is one of the popular sites like Quizlet because of the following qualities.

Key Features of Study Blue

  • The site also has the capability of connecting students in certain classes by allowing them to interact with one another and collaborate on assignments. 
  • Offers a large material library, classroom instructions, study notes, real-time self-accessing scores, and storage for all notes that can be used to track students’ progress. 
  • Allows people to share and access flashcards, study guides, and other resources.


Quizalize is a popular Quizlet alternatives web- and mobile-based classroom program that offers the most effective and simple ways to differentiate your instruction. It’s a great platform explicitly designed for teachers who want to have fun while teaching their students.

Key features of Quizalize

  • The tool transforms a monotonous assessment into an entertaining classroom team activity
  • Allows the teacher to determine who requires assistance. 
  • Over 2 million people around the world use the app to learn new things while having fun.
  • The platform of Quizalize is simple to use.
  • It lets you choose from over 120K ready-made quizzes.  
  • You can also make your quizzes, play games with teams, and encourage students to respond.

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning portal with numerous course-specific course materials contributed by students and educators. It is also considered a great Quizlet alternative. From economics to literature, accounting to psychology, biology to history, students may find practice problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations for whatever subject they’re learning.

Key features of Course Hero

  • Course Hero provides both a free Basic Membership and a premium Premier Membership. 
  • A free Course Hero membership gives you pay-per-question access to our 24/7 homework help, full access to our free literary infographics, and the ability to search our library of study documents.
  • Over 20 million study resources are available to students.
  • Premium members get all of the features of Basic membership plus 30 unlocks per month 
  • They can access Course Hero’s library of resources, as well as up to 40 Tutor Questions, depending on your membership level.

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