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Best Automation Testing Tools That You Should Try Today (2022)

Best Automation Testing Tools That You Should Try Today (2022). Success in any test automation depends on identifying the right tool for the project. With a load of open-source and commercial automation tools to choose from, automation Testing tool selection can become tricky. Here is a curated Automation Testing tools list.

Testing a software application before it gets deployed and reaches end-users is indispensable in the software development process. Software testing ensures that a particular software product functions according to the requirements specified by a client or end-users. Moreover, it identifies all possible and unnoticed bugs, errors, or defects in a software product before it goes live. 

We are in the era of automation everywhere. The ever-increasing pace of work demands automation testing tools that are developed to make our work routines easy and efficient. This blog has compiled a list of high-rated automation testing tools.

Automation testing is software execution that automatically executes test cases and produces test results without human intervention.

It’s a step ahead of manual testing, saves human effort and time to a great extent, and leaves little or no room for testing errors. Once ready, automated tests can be run an unlimited number of times to test the same application, minimizing redundant manual work.

What is Automation Testing? 

Automation testing involves testing software products using special tools and scripts. In this type of testing, test cases are executed automatically using specialized testing tools, and the obtained results are compared with the expected ones. Thus, there is no human interference in automation testing. 

Automation testing has made the testing process effortless. All the repetitive testing actions that are time-consuming and difficult to perform manually are automated using automated software tools. On the other hand, manual testing requires a professional human to execute test actions carefully. 

Automation testing helps developers to enhance the overall quality of applications. It also reduces the testing cost and makes it faster than the traditional one. Hence, the efficiency of testing gets maximized due to automation. 

What are the Best Automation Testing Tools in 2022?


ACCELQ is a cloud-based platform for automated API testing and continuous functional testing, which uses NLP and application abstraction to test at any stage of the development of an application. Out-of-the-box support is offered for recent application development technologies, including HTML5, Kendo, Bootstrap, and Google, and dynamic web application technologies such as Angular JS.

The creation of test scenarios based on path analysis and prediction analysis is made possible by ACCELQ’s App Universe and Predictive Scenario Designer. Unique test data permutations are determined to cover all possible business process scenarios. Application abstraction makes planning, designing, creating, and testing in conjunction with application development possible to progress at any level of availability, stability, or readiness of apps. The reconciliation engine automatically performs the abstraction when the application is ready to be launched.


The hybrid testing platform, TestGrid, can be hosted on-site or in the cloud. The platform has made it easy to test mobile apps and websites. With TestGrid, customers can automate testing without writing code on real devices and leverage the features to enhance their selenium or Appium scripts.

Users can quickly complete their large number of test cases by testing in parallel with TestGrid. Users of the platform don’t even need to bother about building new test cases because they can reuse nearly all of the existing ones for both the original app and subsequent iterations.

TestGrid also enables you to reuse previously created test cases on different apps for faster test execution and market launch. For continuous testing, TestGrid interacts with your preferred CI/CD solution.


LambdaTest is an automation testing tool for desktop and web applications. With LambdaTest, you can perform manual and automated cross-browser testing on over 2000 desktop and mobile browsers in the language you prefer, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.

With LambdaTest, you can cut your testing time by testing in parallel. You can also test geo-blocking, geo-targeting, and geo-location in over 27 countries, including India, the USA, Japan, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, etc.


Katalon Studio is a powerful integrated automation testing tool for web, mobile, and web applications. It can also support browsers/devices like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Android, and iOS.

It supports different levels of testing skills. Even for non-programmers, this tool is easy to start an automation test project. Katalon Studio can be integrated into CI/CD professions and works well with other popular tools such as qTest, Jira, Git, and Jenkins. Its remarkable feature Katalon Analytics provides users with test execution reports, including metrics, charts, and graphs.


Ranorex is an interface testing framework for desktop, mobile, and web applications. The Ranorex suite is composed of Ranorex Studio, dedicated to desktop and mobile applications, and Ranorex web test, dedicated to websites and applications.

Ranorex is a reasonably comprehensive business automation tool for web, mobile, and desktop testing. The tool offers advanced features for GUI recognition, reusable test scripts, bug detection, and record/playback.

No-code test authoring is a handy feature that allows new automation testers to learn and apply test automation to their projects. In addition, the tool supports Selenium integration for web application testing. Testers can distribute their test execution across platforms and browsers using the Selenium Grid.

Testim leverages machine learning to create, execute, and maintain automated test cases. We can use dynamic locators and learn with every run. As a result, writing tests can be done instantly and become stable and self-learning, so there’s no need to keep updating them every time a piece of code is changed.

Testim recordings are edited in their visual editor after being made. AI-based locators lock on elements automatically. The discrete objects known as test steps can be set, shared, grouped, and parameterized. By highlighting redundant test steps that can be replaced with shared objects, Testim aids in maintaining clean tests.


Perfecto is a cloud-based mobile and web application testing software designed to help businesses in various industries, such as retail, insurance, finance, media, entertainment, banking, technology, etc., test applications on different operating systems and devices. It allows users to automate processes related to advanced test cases and access browser versions and devices based on individual requirements.

Perfecto test automation solution supports automated testing on cross-browser and mobile devices. It can also be integrated with various test automation frameworks.

Top 5 Advantages of Automation Testing

Using automation tools or software for the testing process is beneficial for the testing team in multiple ways, as follows: 

Improved Accuracy 

Automation testing ensures more accuracy than manual testing. However, minor errors may exist during manual testing, even if an experienced and agile person performs it. 

Test cases generated by automation tools are more accurate and precise. But, on the other hand, automation testing guarantees that there can be no single defect or error present in a software product. 

Increased Test Coverage

Many times, executing lengthy test cases in manual testing is quite tricky and challenging. However, as automation testing is faster, it covers lengthy tests within a short period. 

Therefore, it is possible to execute more tests with automation testing. A software product’s features get tested with higher test cases and meet the highest quality standards. 

Detection of Bugs in Early Stages

Automation tools help detect bugs or defects in a software application at the early stages of its development. Early detection of bugs saves a lot of time and costs required in correcting them in the later stages. 

Automation testing provides faster feedback. In addition, it provides feedback for every single test case executed. Therefore, it becomes easier to detect bugs at each phase of the SDLC process. 

In addition, if there is any change in the source code, test cases get automatically executed to identify bugs or defects due to the changes made. 


It is not feasible in manual testing to execute repetitive test cases. Testing an application increases the testing cost. On the contrary, automation testing is cost-saving in terms of the long run because test scripts generated in automation testing can be reused anytime. 

High App Performance 

As mentioned earlier, automation testing has the capacity for extensive test coverage. Due to the maximum test coverage, automation testing ensures a software product’s high quality and performance. 

Furthermore, automation testing allows testers to run multiple test cases simultaneously on different platforms. The more the number of tests executed, the higher the performance and quality of an application. 

How to select the best Test Automation Tool?

Here, is a simple process to determine the best tool for your project needs

  • Identify the tests that need to be automated
  • Research and analyze the automation tools that meet your automation needs and budget
  • Based on the requirements, shortlist the two most suitable tools
  • Do a pilot for the two best tools and select the better one
  • Discuss the chosen automation tools with other stakeholders, explain the choice, and get their approval
  • Proceed to test automation

There is no best tool in the market. You need to find the best tool for your test automation project goals.

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