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Best apps to keep your sensitive data secure online

Best apps to keep your sensitive data secure online. From private browsing to password managers, mobile security couldn’t get any simpler. Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services of 2022.

Another day, another data breach. Sidestepping trackers and protecting your personal information might seem like a hopeless task, but these top privacy apps can really make a difference.

Amid the pandemic when technology and its widespread adoption have led to an increase in instances of security breaches, there is a need for powerful yet simple applications that safeguard user data from the prying eyes of hackers. In this article, we will discuss the

five must-have apps that will help protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access

1. Password manager

We all know that passwords are not always a foolproof solution when it comes to data security. However, we still have to rely on passwords to keep our data safe. We often have to try out different combinations of passwords so that it is not easily guessed by attackers, but memorizing each and every password isn’t easy.

This is where password managers can help. Today, there are several tools that can help you store all your passwords encrypted safely such as Cyber Privacy Suite, Abine Blur, etc.

2. Configure device security

Finding your confidential data exposed online is often the first sign that your privacy has been breached. Hackers are so advanced today that they can break through advanced security and sell user data for millions of dollars. Apps such as SafeMe can help scan the internet to search for possible exposures.

As a basic measure, it is advised that you update your passwords regularly so that all confidential data remain safe. Device security configuration is as important as safeguarding passwords primarily where you have access to confidential work-related data online.

3. VPN service

Using VPN is a great way to secure web traffic from attackers who plan to steal your sensitive data. If you regularly use public networks, using VPN is advised as once enabled it acts as a barrier between your system and the remote server that’s leveraged by the VPN provider.

It helps in safeguarding your data from potential breaches as your system will always show a different IP address, thereby masking your identity.

4. Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication basically means that whenever you log in, there are two steps that you need to validate. Many services now require a two-step authentication to log in. Duo Security, Google Authenticator, etc., are the few best ones that allow users to take better control of their private data.

5. Email encryption

Encryptions are a great way to protect your emails from attacks. It is considered one of the best techniques to keep confidential data safe from hackers. Email providers such as Prevail, ProtonMail, Strat Mail, etc., leverage public-key cryptography. This makes use of a key to decode all the messages so all the data can’t be read by anyone else except the one authorized.

Top 8 best online apps you can use to Keep Your Data Secure Online


This is a top-rated app used by people who have a lot of data and less space. Mainly this app is used by businessmen who do a lot of work over the internet. This app provides users with 2GB of space, and it can move up to 16GB. You can store any data in this app, from university assignment help samples to video songs and clips.

The app is straightforward to use and has a basic UI. So the new users will not have to face issues while using this app. The only problem with this app is that it is only available for Android.


From the name, you may think that this app is solely made for apple users. But no, this app is made for Android users only. This is one of the majorly used cloud apps to Keep Your Data Secure Online. In this app, you can store your contacts, photos, and important dates on calendars. Every user gets a free store of 5GB. If they upgrade, they will get more than 100 GB of space.

This service of this app works like a computer backup. So if you store any data on your computer, you can keep it on that app too. One pro tip for storing videos is to compress the video and then store it. In that way, it will take less space, and you will store more data. You can also pay for assignments and store your assignments samples in this app. 

Amazon cloud drive

Amazon came up with this app. This app supports uploading photographs, and mainly the users use them to upload this only. If you are a reader, you can store your ebooks from Amazon. This app is free to some extent. This app provides 5GB of BMP, JGP, BIM, and GIF storage for free users.

One more thing for Amazon cloud drive users. MP3 files purchased from Amazon are not counted within the storage limit of this app. After many good things, the best thing about this app is that it is available for Android and iOS. 

One drive

Android users always look for longevity. One drive comes from the house of Microsoft. Users like to stick around this app for a while. It is ideal for people who use Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, and other official office applications.

For Office apps, this app provides more support and storage. Users of this app are granted 7 GB of storage. With this 7GB, they can store photos, videos, songs, and other kinds of data. Besides the typical applications, users can also keep excel sheets, google docs downloads, and much more. 

Google Drive

Google is the first name users prefer regarding innovation and technology. They are constantly improving their features and service. The best thing about Google Drive is that many other companies are also associated with this application. Google collaborated with this application to ensure that they could provide the best services to its customers.

Other companies related to Google are working with Docs and Gmail. Every user gets 15 GB of storage. This is one of the best applications which can be used to Keep Your Data Secure Online. It comes with google security, and that is why you can use it without worrying about losing your data. Google security comes with high standards, and you can rely on it.

Verizon cloud storage

You can even use it to Keep Your Data Secure Online. Users with the initial plan can store data up to 5GB. Later on, they can update that with 1TB of data. You can keep this as an extra. When the other storage applications are full, you can use this application. 


Previously, we used to use Mega only for sharing files. Now, the application provides 50 GB of free space. It is really what any user can wish for. It lets you store files in MP3, MP4, AVI, and more formats. You can also store data like photos, videos, and other confidential data. One more best thing about this app is that you will not have to open the app while uploading. While uploading photos and videos in this application, you can upload them directly from the gallery. This app is not ideal for people who store small amounts of data. Rather this app would be suitable for business people as they have to store many files. 


Among all the discussed apps, this app probably offers the best to its users. 50 GB of space this app provides to its users for free. It gets upgraded to 50 GB if you spend money. There is one condition to using this app. That is, one single file should not exceed 200MB. 

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