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How to Become a Crypto or blockchain Content Writer in 2022

How to Become a Crypto or blockchain Content Writer in Nigeria in 2022. Interested in earning money as a crypto content writer but don’t know where to start? Here are the steps you need to take. (Similar post: How To Start A Career In Crypto For Beginners In 2022)

If you have a knack for writing, and you’re interested in cryptocurrency, becoming a crypto content writer won’t be much of a hurdle for you. How to become a content creator in the crypto & blockchain sphere? Read a few pro tips and find out where to search for a job and permanent positions.

Writing in the Crypto sphere can be more lucrative than regular freelance content or technical writing, even when top cryptocurrencies take a nosedive and the market outlook is bearish. So, how does one go about getting a foothold in this niche? Here are a few pointers to help you learn more about becoming a crypto content writer.

The blockchain is a relatively new area, that’s why the chances that you don’t have much background knowledge are high. However, you can do the following to get your feet wet in the ocean of blockchain:

  • Understand how blockchain works
  • You should have the ability to make financial analysis
  • Know about cryptography and securities
  • Have a clue on how smart contracts work
  • Understand how legal regulations and compliance work

If you’re into technologies and innovations, programming, and finance, then blockchain-related content writing is just right for you!

How to become a crypto content writer

1. Learn Crypto Basics

Before you can think of writing, you need to read. Learn everything you can about blockchain basics, such as what is bitcoin and why is it worth so much, what are smart contracts, what is Web 3.0., what is an Altcoin, how to mine bitcoins, and so on.

To familiarize yourself with the common terminology, and understand these topics in-depth, explore free and paid learning resources offered by sites like Coinbase, Khan Academy, Coursera, etc.

2. Write Sample Articles

As you learn more about what is blockchain and how it works, you can start writing sample articles about crypto-related topics. This will give you some practice as well as test your knowledge.

Although beginner-level topics in this niche have been rehashed a million times, writing on these fundamental topics helps your future clients gauge your grasp of the subject. It also gives you a few free content pieces to publish with your byline.

3. Get Hands-On Experience

Trading in crypto isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try and get a sense of how coin exchanges work. Alternatively, you can try crypto faucets to earn some coins and talk about it more authoritatively.

Similarly, mining coins is another significant aspect of the blockchain industry you can’t ignore. Start by learning about mining software like Ethermine, Cudo Miner, Hashing24, etc. Supplement your knowledge with research on top crypto mining hardware, hash rates, power efficiency, how to build a crypto mining rig, cryptos you can mine at home, mining farms, etc.

4. Build a Niche Portfolio

You can create a dedicated blog or website to keep all your content in one place. You’ll need to register a domain name, buy hosting space if you aren’t using blogger or other free platforms, and promote it via social media. This way, you own the copyrights to your work and have a readymade portfolio you can share with clients when pitching or applying for jobs.

You can also publish your content on popular social media platforms such as Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc., to reach a broader audience while still targeting your content appropriately. Use content marketing platforms like Contently, Clear Voice, Journo Portfolio, etc., to create a custom portfolio with links to your best crypto articles.

5. Target the Right Content

To establish your expertise, you must build a portfolio of impressive articles that address in-depth and popular topics in this niche. To boost your reach, you need to tap into the news cycle to provide fresh content on breaking news and current affairs in the crypto world.

  • Technical Topics: It’s time to move on from writing articles like, What’s ASIC mining, for the general audience to more in-depth topics like, How to connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea in 2022, for a knowledgeable audience. You can also write comprehensive mining hardware reviews or provide a thorough financial analysis and trend report on various coins. These topics allow you to write about technical aspects of crypto mining operations, discuss white papers, ICOs, etc.
  • Trending Topics: Use news media sites to find what’s trending or keyword research tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc., to find the most searched long-tail keywords, questions, and synonyms to target. Also, subscribe to popular magazines like Bitcoin Magazine, Coin Telegraph, Crypto Briefing, and other digital publications for more details on emerging trends and upcoming events.

6. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Leveraging the power of social media to build an organic audience is the key to attracting clients. Whenever you publish on one platform like Medium, cross-post it across all other platforms to get as many views, likes, and shares as possible.

Share information creatively. Use the Twitter threads feature to convey breaking news in short info bytes. Use Canva to create free infographics and schedule social media posts. Publish on LinkedIn with the proper hashtags to market your content to hiring managers. Launch a successful Patreon page to show that your content is capable of attracting sponsorship.

You can learn a lot about trade analysis, market economics, and more through social media forums like the Cryptocurrency Subreddit, Twitter handles like DocumentingBTC, and Facebook groups like Ethereum and Cryptocurrency Collectors Club.

Similarly, following crypto gurus like Vitalik Buterin, Andreas, etc., is also a great way to keep up with the latest developments in the crypto world and write quick articles to be featured in the news cycle.

7. Pitch to Cryptocurrency Publications Online

Once you are confident in your skills, you can start pitching article ideas to major publications like Binance Academy, Espay Exchange, Changelly, ICO Listing Online, CoinDesk, etc., that accept guest posts. This will enhance your online presence, help with organic link building, drive traffic to your portfolio, and raise your social media profile.

Your initial submissions to most reputed publications will be free. Start with smaller web properties and have a few published pieces before approaching the more prominent publications. A good way of finding more websites and magazines that accept guest posts on crypto content is to use the following query on Google:

Write for Us inURL:X, where X could be any cryptocurrency-related keyword like crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

8. Apply to Crypto Content Writer Jobs

If you have technical writing or computer science engineering background, your focus should be on writing Crypto ICO White papers—the most well-paying writing jobs in this niche. A financial and economics background will help you ace coin exchange, market economics, and trading aspects of cryptocurrency. Experience with mining can help you bag hardware-related content gigs like product reviews, rig setup, and the like.

Full-time and freelance cryptocurrency jobs for writers are advertised on Reddit, Upwork, FlexJobs, LinkedIn, Crypto Jobs, Crypto Careers, etc. Besides applying to these jobs, you can also approach recruiters directly via LinkedIn InMail, a premium feature that allows you to send direct messages to hiring managers and recruiters.

Where to search for a job as a Crypto or blockchain Content Writer?

Here are a couple of ideas for you:

  • Upwork. This is one of the largest global workplaces for freelancers. You’ll find a wide assortment of blockchain-related jobs here starting from writing single articles and finishing with permanent positions on online websites (consulting, editing, writing). Despite a huge amount of jobs, be prepared to deal with wild competition and try to make your profile as appealing as possible.
  • Fiverr. This is a website where freelancers offer their services for a certain fixed price. The amount of choice isn’t as rich as on Upwork, but you can find long-term partners and explore the blockchain area.
  • Crypto Jobs List. There, you can find the category of Blockchain Writing Jobs and check out the offers. Both short-term offers and permanent positions are present there. Although this website is a new one, there’s a lot of activity going on, so you can always find something truly valuable.
  • Dream. Here, you’ll discover generously compensated whitepaper or ICO content writer positions, with strong help for contributors. It’s unquestionably worth having a profile on this site.
  • Reddit is not a job marketplace – it’s rather a forum where you can find a lot of useful information and engage in a conversation. There are two sections you should pay attention to:
    • 1) forhire – you won’t probably post your very own advertisement here if you haven’t been a long-term contributor to Reddit, yet you can check out offers and send a private message to any individual who has posted an offer you’re keen on.
    • 2) Jobs4Bitcoins – as the name says, you’ll just find jobs paid by crypto. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to earn crypto.

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