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All you need to know about Abeg App in Nigeria

All You Need To Know About Abeg App In Nigeria. Abeg is a fintech app that is developed by Abeg Technologies. Abeg was co-founded by Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh, and Dare Adekoya in 2019.

Abeg app is a peer-to-peer platform where users can request money from other Abeg users in your contact list just by typing in their Abeg tag, and can also send money to other Abeg users.

What is the Abeg app used for? The major services on the app are sending and receiving money. Once you have an account and your BVN has been verified with your phone number, the system scans through your contacts to identify those who have installed the app on their phones.

You can send a request to anyone from the Abeg users in your contact list for money or type in the username of anyone and your request will be sent to them.

Sending money to other users requires that you fund your account wallet and know the person’s username.

How to Request and Receive Money on Abeg

When you install and sign up on the Abeg app, you’ll be greeted with an interface where you can immediately request and send money to other Abeg users. So, for instance, if you want to request money from a friend who has an Abeg tag, here’s how you should go about it:

How to Request and receive Money on Abeg
  • Hit the Request button
  • Then, type in the amount (in Naira) you want to request for, from that friend. You’ll also need to type in what the money is for.
  • Next, hit Request
  • You will then need to select a friend you wish to request money from, from your contact list.
  • Then, hit the Request button.

How to Send Money on Abeg

How to Send Money on Abeg
  • Tap Send from the main interface
  • Enter the Abeg tag of the person you wish to send money to. Or you can search your phone contact on Abeg.
  • Then, hit Pay. Sending money on the Abeg app to other Abeg users is totally free. You can also choose to send money anonymously.

How to Withdraw Money From Your Abeg Wallet

How to Withdraw Money From Your Abeg Wallet
  • From your profile page, tap your wallet balance
  • Select Withdraw from the pop up

To round it up, If you haven’t linked your bank account yet, you’ll be required to add a new bank account to be able to make withdrawals. Also, withdrawing money out of your Abeg account comes with a 10 charge.

How to Fund Your Abeg Wallet

You can easily fund your Abeg account without looking for an account number by simply following the below instructions:

  • Click on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of your phone
  • Select Fund Wallet
  • A bank account number assigned to your Abeg account will pop up. You can then fund your Abeg wallet by paying into that account.

Features of the Abeg app

There are many features on the Abeg app besides sending and receiving money or taking part in a giveaway.

As if all the features above are not enough, there are also loans on the app. Almost everyone at a point in life has a financial emergency. At times the situation is urgent and you might need a loan.

Instead of borrowing loans from Microfinance banks and neighboring friends, you can just request a loan from the app within a short period of applying.

This app has a timeline similar to Twitter. There is a news feed where you can post and also see what other people are talking about. You can also follow people and vice versa.

There is also an upcoming feature in the app that can help with money-saving and management. It’s called “AJO” which means savings. It allows you to save your money in fragments and you can withdraw whenever you want. You can save daily, weekly, or even monthly. 

Benefits of using the Abeg app

There are many benefits you can enjoy by using the Abeg app. Here are some of them:

  • Option to send money anonymously. This can be sometimes useful if you do not wish to disclose your identity to the beneficiary.
  • You can beg or request money from other users on the app without stress. You can request up to ₦1,000,000 (one million Naira).
  • Use the Abeg tag to send money without having to input account details.
  • Participate in giveaways and win cash and prizes from other users. You will also get verified if you host a giveaway and you spent up to ₦250,000.
  • Apply for loans when you need them urgently and pay later.
  • Have fun and gist while also making transactions on the app. The app news feed is similar to Twitter.
  • Abeg Technologies are innovating and updating regularly. They have the best features and user experience for you.

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  1. How long does it take for the money you withdrew from abeg to drop in your account…..bcos mine hasn’t dropped for 12 hours now

    1. Sorry for asking have you get the money to your account now cus I just We draw my own money we draw withdraw my own money to my account not yet be Credited

  2. Victor Chibueze

    Thank you boss nice article I have created my account somebody should send me money abeg

      1. Ashorobi Mariam

        How long will it take before I get the money I transferred from abeg to my account

    1. Hello Goodluck,

      The Abeg app is a secure platform according to their policies and there has been no data leak. Your personal details like your BVN should be secure.

    1. Hello Precious,

      You do not need an account number to fund your Abeg account, it can be done in-app by following the steps in this post.

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