Affordable Cell Phone Plans Under $40: Best Options for Individuals

Cell Phone Plans

Looking to save money on your monthly phone bill? Our research focuses on the best affordable cell phone plans, allowing you to spend $40 or less each month. With rising expenses in mind, it’s essential to ensure that your phone service doesn’t deplete your budget significantly.

Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for your phone plan? As an individual, you may not require all the features that come with a family plan. Fortunately, there are numerous cost-effective phone plans tailored for individuals, enabling you to manage your finances wisely.

To find the most economical phone plans for single users, several factors should be taken into account. Firstly, assess your monthly data needs. If you mainly rely on Wi-Fi and only occasionally require mobile data, a plan offering a few gigabytes per month might suffice. However, if you frequently stream videos and music on the go, opting for a plan with a higher data allowance would be preferable.

Another critical aspect to consider is coverage. While certain plans may be incredibly affordable, they may not offer service in your area. It is crucial to review the coverage maps of different carriers to ensure reliable service where you need it. With these factors in mind, let’s explore some of the most affordable phone plans designed for single users.

Mint Mobile – 5GB – $15/month

Mint Mobile stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking the best overall cheap cell phone plan. With all of its plans priced at $30 or less per month, Mint Mobile offers exceptional value. Moreover, recent enhancements in data allocation have resulted in every plan featuring more data. For budget-conscious individuals, Mint Mobile’s 5GB option is particularly appealing, as it is available for a mere $15 per month. It’s worth noting that once you exhaust your data limit, Mint Mobile reduces your speeds for the remainder of the month.

To further enhance affordability, Mint Mobile provides the opportunity to maintain the $15 rate beyond the initial three months. By signing up for a full year with Mint Mobile, you can continue enjoying the advantage of this low-cost option. Additionally, Mint Mobile includes valuable features as part of its plans. These include the ability to use your phone as a hotspot and access to 5G coverage in areas where T-Mobile’s 5G network is available.

Currently, Mint Mobile is running an enticing promotion wherein all of its plans are priced at $15 for the first three months. This limited-time offer presents an excellent opportunity to secure discounted access to unlimited data at Mint Mobile, which typically costs $30 per month. Don’t miss out on this chance to save while enjoying top-notch cellular services.

Tello Economy – 1GB – $10/month

Tello offers the most affordable cell phone plans in the market. Their lowest priced plan is available for only $10 per month, providing 1GB of data. Once you reach the data limit, your speeds will be reduced. However, the plan includes unlimited calls and texts, free mobile tethering, and no contract obligations. It’s a great option for budget-conscious individuals who don’t require a lot of data.

Tello also offers other low-cost plans, all priced under $40 per month. These include a $19 plan with 5GB of data and a $29 plan with unlimited data. With Tello, you can find a plan that suits your needs and budget without compromising on essential features.

T-Mobile Connect – 3.5GB data – $15/month

If you prefer a low-cost cell phone plan from a well-known carrier, T-Mobile’s T-Mobile Connect options offer affordable plans without sacrificing the reputation of a major carrier. While Mint and Tello are alternative providers, T-Mobile Connect allows you to enjoy the benefits of a big name carrier at a budget-friendly price.

T-Mobile offers a $15 monthly plan that recently increased its data allotment to 3.5GB. Furthermore, as an added incentive, T-Mobile will boost your data pool by 500MB each year until 2025. This plan provides a good balance between affordability and data allowance.

For those with more modest data needs, T-Mobile also offers a 1GB option priced at $10, matching Tello’s price point. It’s important to note that once you reach your data cap with T-Mobile, you will temporarily run out of data until your next billing cycle begins, as opposed to experiencing speed restrictions. By opting for T-Mobile Connect, you can enjoy the advantages of a low-cost plan from one of the Big Three carriers while benefiting from increased data allowances and reliable network coverage.

Verizon – 15GB prepaid – $35/month

For those seeking the best coverage, Verizon’s prepaid options are worth considering. One standout plan is their 15GB offering, which comes with substantial discounts right from the start. Although it costs $45 per month, slightly exceeding the $40 budget we initially set, enrolling in autopay reduces the monthly cost by $10.

What makes this plan particularly enticing is that it provides access to Verizon’s nationwide 5G coverage. This extensive coverage combined with a generous data allowance makes it a compelling deal for users who prioritize both network quality and a sizable data pool.

Visible – unlimited data – $30/month

When it comes to the best unlimited data prepaid plan on a budget, Visible takes the spotlight. Their basic unlimited data plan is priced at $30 per month, with taxes and fees already included. However, there’s a current promotion that lowers the cost to $25 if you sign up before July 5, offering even greater savings.

What sets Visible apart is that you’ll enjoy unlimited data without the 12-month commitment required by Mint, another popular provider. With Visible, you get the benefits of unlimited data at a lower cost and the flexibility to change plans without being tied down to a lengthy contract.

Visible is owned by Verizon, which means they utilize their parent company’s fast and reliable network. This translates to access to Verizon’s speedy 5G network, provided you have a compatible phone. So, with Visible, you not only enjoy the affordability of their unlimited data plan but also experience the high-performance network of Verizon.

Cricket – 10GB – $40/month

Consider giving Cricket, the discount carrier owned by AT&T, another look for a better budget option. Cricket has made a significant improvement by removing the speed cap on their plans. As a result, you now have access to the full benefits of AT&T’s network, including 5G coverage. It’s important to note that your data speeds will be reduced if you exceed your monthly allotment.

Cricket’s $40 plan offers a generous 10GB data pool. By enrolling in autopay, you can save an additional $5 each month, making Cricket’s plan cost the same as Verizon’s plan (although with a lower data allowance). This makes Cricket a compelling choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on network coverage. Reassessing Cricket as a viable option allows you to tap into AT&T’s network advantages while enjoying the affordability of their plans.

Consumer Cellular – 10GB – $35/month

Consumer Cellular offers an excellent option for older people who require a generous amount of data. They have streamlined their plans into three options, and their $35 monthly plan stands out by providing a substantial 10GB data allowance at a lower cost compared to other carriers.

With Consumer Cellular, you not only benefit from ample data, but you also enjoy 5G coverage as part of your plan. Additionally, they offer the convenience of adding a second line for just $15 per month, which is not a common feature among cheap phone plans.

For AARP members, there’s an added advantage. They can save an extra 5% on their monthly rate at Consumer Cellular, making it an even more affordable choice. In the event that you exceed your allotted data, Consumer Cellular has you covered. They automatically upgrade you to the next tier of their data plans, ensuring you stay connected without interruptions.

When it comes to the best and most affordable phone plans for older people in 2023, Consumer Cellular proves to be a top contender, offering generous data allowances, reliable coverage, and additional benefits for AARP members.

AT&T – 16GB 12-month prepaid – $25/month

AT&T surprises with an outstanding value. Typically, major carriers aren’t known for providing inexpensive cell phone plans, but AT&T’s prepaid plan breaks that trend by offering remarkable value, especially now that they have doubled the data without increasing the price. For just $25 per month, you can enjoy a generous data cap of 16GB. Although it may not be as budget-friendly as Mint Mobile or Tello, it’s a fantastic price to pay for the reliability and network coverage of AT&T.

While you have the option to pay on a month-to-month basis, AT&T charges $30 per month for 5GB. However, opting for a full-year commitment can provide you with the best combination of price and data. This way, you can take advantage of AT&T’s network capabilities while enjoying significant savings.

If you’re seeking the best affordable cell phone plan from AT&T, their prepaid option stands out as a great choice. With its competitive price and increased data allowance, it offers a compelling balance of value and network quality.

What should I look for in a cell phone plan?

When searching for cheap cell phone plans, several factors warrant consideration to ensure you find the most suitable option:

  • Price: Naturally, the cost is a primary concern when looking for a cheap plan. While pricey plans offer more perks and data, finding an affordable option is essential.
  • Network Coverage: Determine which carrier provides the best cell phone coverage in your area. Verify if the discount carrier you’re considering uses the network of a major carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. Most discount carriers operate as MVNOs, piggybacking on major carriers’ networks.
  • MVNO Features: Explore additional features offered by MVNOs. Some carriers, like Republic Wireless and Google Fi, offload calls and texts to Wi-Fi when available, aiming to keep monthly costs low.
  • Plan Variety: Check the variety of plans each carrier offers. Look for flexibility to switch plans easily if your talk, text, or data needs change in the future.
  • Family Plan Options: If you need a family cell phone plan, inquire about potential discounts for multiple lines from carriers.
  • Perks and Benefits: Although cheap plans generally lack many perks, some carriers may offer extra benefits, such as hotspot data or other add-ons.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find the best cheap cell phone plan that meets your needs and budget while ensuring reliable coverage and service quality.

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