A simple guide to Fix Error Code: 0x0003 on GeForce Experience

A simple guide to Fix Error Code: 0x0003on GeForce Experience. The GeForce Experience not working error code 0x0003 is one issue we have seen many users continue to deal with. For some, the GeForce Experience not working error started when they do their Windows 10 upgrades. NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a software suite that comes with the drivers for your NVIDIA graphics card. Best CPU for gaming in 2022.

Several Windows users are reporting that they can no longer use any feature associated with NVIDIA Experience as the software crashes with the error code 0x0003. In most cases, affected users are seeing the “Something went wrong. Try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience. Error Code: 0x0003” error message with only the option to close the dialog box. Best Nvidia GeForce Graphics Cards To Get Today.

GeForce Experience error code 0x0003 can be caused by several potential reasons, e.g. the Nvidia driver is corrupted, some Nvidia Services are not running, network adapter problem, GPU driver is compatible with the latest Windows update, and more. Best Graphics Cards To Buy For Every Option In 2022

A simple guide to Fix ‘Error Code: 0x0003’ on GeForce Experience (2022):

  1. Force Restart Nvidia Services
  2. Allow Nvidia Telemetry Service to Interact with Desktop
  3. Reinstall Nvidia Components
  4. Fix Network Adapter Problem with Winsock Reset Command
  5. Update Nvidia Graphics Driver to the Latest Version

What is causing the NVIDIA Experience Error Code 0x0003?

We investigated this particular issue by looking at various user reports and the repair strategies that are commonly being used to fix this particular issue. As it turns out, several different potential culprits might end up triggering this particular error message:

  • Nvidia Telemetry is not permitted to interact with the desktop – As it turns out, this particular issue can also occur if the Nvidia Telemetry Container is not permitted to interact with the desktop. If this scenario is applicable, you can resolve the issue by using the Services screen to allow interaction with this service.
  • Some mandatory Nvidia Services are not running – Nvidia Display Service, Nvidia Local System Container and Nvidia Network Service Container are all services that will cause this particular issue if they are disabled. In this case, you might be able to resolve the issue by force-starting the services.
  • Corrupted Nvidia driver – In some cases, the issue might occur if one or more drivers used by your GPU are tainted by corruption. In this case, you will be able to resolve the issue by reinstalling every Nvidia Component.
  • Glitched Network adapter – Based on various user reports, this particular error message can also occur if the network adapter gets stuck in a limbo state. Whenever this happens, you can resolve the issue by performing a Winsock reset (also known as a comms reinstall).
  • Windows update interfered with your GPU driver – We got several reports with affected users saying that the issue started occurring after WU (Windows Update) installed an update automatically. If this scenario is applicable, you can resolve the issue by uninstalling the current Nvidia drivers and then installing the latest version automatically.

Top 5 Tips to Fix GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Fix 1: Re-install the GeForce Experience Software

When corrupt, GeForce Experience may not work until you reinstall the software.

  1. Start by pressing Windows + R keys to enter the Run menu.   
  2. Go to the Control Panel by typing “control panel” in the search or input box
  3. Look for NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Right-click on it and click the uninstall option. 
  4. To re-install the software, go to Nvidia.com to redownload the .exe installer file again. Unfortunately, the download link for the software on Nvidia isn’t currently available, but the Beta version of the software is currently available. 
  5. After downloading the .exe file, open it and follow the installation guide 
  6. Go ahead and open the GeForce Experience software and see if it works as it should. 

Fix 2: Update Video Card Drivers

  1. To update the drivers, open Nvidia GeForce Experience, login, or register on the platform using the appropriate forms 
  2. Once logged in, click on the Driver tab at the top. 
  3. Click on the Update driver located at the top right and then on the search for updates button, which appears in the same position.
  4. If any available updates are found, click on the corresponding button to download and install them, which should take place automatically.

Fix 3: Change Nvidia Telemetry Container Settings

  1. Press the “Windows + R” key and type the task execution command MSC.
  2. Look for NVIDIA Telemetry Container and click Properties 
  3. Click on Connection and click on the tab that says Allow the installation to communicate with the desktop.
  4. Click on Apply. You can click OK if you want to edit and use the Save tab to save it. 

Fix 4: Re-enable the GeForce Experience Service

  1. Get into the Run dialog box by hitting the Win+R key combination
  2. Type and send the command services.msc in the Run box 
  3. Click on Nvidia GeForce Experience Service
  4. Find and click on the Restart button
  5. Finally, reset your Network Adapter 

Fix 5: Change to account

Before you attempt any fixes, try this particular fix.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R
  2. Type – services.msc – and hit Enter
  3. Find – Nvidia Telemetry Container – and double click on it
  4. If the service is not already running, start it.
  5. Error 5 Access Denied –  or some others could pop up, if any error pops up, change from Tab – General – to Tab – Log On – and see if that works
  6. In case you see – This Account – change to – Local System Account –
  7. You can now start the service, you should get a – Restart Computer – notification, if not, you can restart it manually.
  8. Nvidia Experience will now ask you to start normally, and you will be required to – agree – with the message. After this, you should have fixed the GeForce experience error code 0x0003 issue.

All about Error Code: 0x0003 on GeForce Experience

Why is GeForce Experience not working for Twitch stream?

I think this problem has to do with a bug on Twitch’s end and/or a lack of verification at your end. Those who got the “Your broadcast to Twitch failed” with the GeForce Experience report resolved the issue by simply enabling and setting two-factor authentication (2FA). And this is better done on a mobile phone. 

Why won’t GeForce Experience hotkeys work?

While there have been a couple of theories, the real cause of this problem is still not known. Restarting the computer is a temporary fix but the issue returns in a couple of hours. However, a simple fix that works for most users is uninstalling GPU drivers and GeForce Experience. Then, reinstall them both. 

GeForce Experience – How to fix Experimental not working

One of the working solutions is to uninstall GeForce Experience and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work for you, try downloading NVIDIA Experience without drivers. Uninstall Nvidia Experience and then re-install its Stand Alone version using the link here. Then you can enable Experimental features. All these take about two minutes. 

How to fix GeForce Experience Highlights not working

First, you have to note that GeForce Experience Highlights work on select games, as seen in this list. Meanwhile, it only clips highlights for Fortnite and not for any other games like Apex Legends or Rocket League. So, the only fix is to ensure that GeForce Experience Highlights support the action you’re trying to make. 

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