Latest 9mobile Data Plans, Prices & USSD Codes in Nigeria (2023)

In Nigeria, there’s a major telecom player called 9Mobile, formerly known as Etisalat. If you’re on the hunt for the top-notch 9Mobile data plan in 2023, no need to fret because this article is here to guide you through the most budget-friendly options available in the country, complete with prices and subscription codes.

9Mobile, owned by Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), is a privately-held telecommunications company in Nigeria. When it comes to selecting the best 9Mobile data plan for 2023, you’re in for a treat with a diverse range of packages to choose from. It all boils down to finding the package that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences.

25MB₦501 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*8#
100MB₦1001 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*1#
650MB₦2001 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*2#
1GB + Social₦3001 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*3#
2GB + Social₦5003 Days (72 hrs.)*229*3*4#
250MB₦2001 Week (7 days).*299*2*10#
1GB + Social₦5001 Week (7 days).*299*2*1#
7GB + Social₦1,5001 Week (7 days).*299*2*2#
1GB₦20030 Days (7 pm – 6:59 am every day).*229*3*11#
3GB₦1,00030 Days (7 pm – 6:59 am every day).*229*3*12#
7GB₦2,00030 Days (7 pm – 6:59am every day).*229*3*13#
500MB₦5001 Month (30 days).*299*2*12#
1.5GB₦1,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*7#
2GB₦1,2001 Month (30 days).*299*2*25#
3GB₦1,5001 Month (30 days).*299*2*3#
4.5GB₦2,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*8#
11GB₦4,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*36#
15GB₦5,0001 Month (30 days)*299*2*37#
40GB₦10,0001 Month (30 days).*299*4*1#
75GB₦15,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*4#
75GB₦25,0003 Months (90 days).*299*5*1#
165GB₦50,0006 Months (180 days).*299*5*2#

How to buy data on 9Mobile

Buying data on 9Mobile is relatively easy and barely consumes a minute. Below is a straightforward procedure on how to load data on 9Mobile:

  • Recharge your phone with airtime
  • Dial *200*2# on your phone and follow the menu options
  • Choose data that is within your budget

9mobile Monthly Data Plans

The company offers a unique 9Mobile monthly data plan for the most active internet customers. The following are good for 30 days, and data rollover applies to each.

  • To get 500 MB for ₦500, dial *229*2*12#
  • To get 1.5GB for ₦1,000, dial *229*2*7#
  • To get 2Gb for ₦1,200, dial *229*2*25# or SMS AND1 to 229
  • To get 3GB for ₦1,500, dial *229*2*3#
  • To get 4.5Gb for ₦2,000, dial *229*2*8# or SMS AND2 to 229
  • To get 11GB for ₦4,000, dial *229*2*36#
  • To get 12GB for ₦3,000, dial *229*2*5#
  • To get 15GB for ₦5,000, dial *229*2*37#
  • To get 40GB for ₦10,000, dial *229*4*1#
  • To get 75GB for ₦15,000, dial *229*2*4#
  • To get 125Gb for ₦20,000, dial *229*2*6#

How do you check the data balance on 9Mobile?

You can easily check your account balance with 9Mobile using the USSD code *228#. Once you dial this code, just follow the simple prompts, and ta-da! Your account balance will appear right on your phone screen in no time. Plus, to make things even better, you’ll receive an SMS with all the details of your account balance.

But hey, here’s an extra tip for you! If you prefer an alternative method, no worries at all. Just shoot an SMS with the word ‘INFO’ to 228, and like magic, a message will arrive with all the information you need.

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